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Now is the TIme for Running

No description

Stefan RhodeHumphries

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Now is the TIme for Running

By Michael Williams Now is the Time Running Summary Deo Innocent Praise for Now is the Time for Running Fictional Award Deo and his brother, Innocent, live in a small village in Zimbabwe. One of the many days they were outside playing soccer soldiers arrived and killed everyone but Deo and Innocent. They have to sneak out of the village to live, Deo goes back to get Innocents “Bix Box.” The Bix Box has all of Innocent’s prized possessions in it. Deo has his soccer ball that he stuffed with money. They start making their way to South Africa so they can find their father and get jobs, they only have an old photo of him standing in front of a truck with a phone number on it. As they make their trek to South Africa they encounter many obstacles along the way. They are helped by an old lady across a river into South Africa. They have to run for about 4 hours across a preserve with lots of dangerous animals on it to rech safety. After they wait on the other side of the fence a truck driver asks them if they want a job, Deo accepts and Innocent joins him. They arrive at the Flying Tomato farm. Deo and Innocent are given food, a roof and a job. They work for low wages and are hated by the locals that are unemployed because they want higher wages. Then they decide to leave with one of their work friends and end up with no jobs or money because their friend ditched them for their money. Then they look around in the city and find another poor family and are invited to live with them because Innocent is very nice with their kids and can take care of them when their parents are gone. The hovel town in which they live in is set afire and burns down, Deo is forced to run so he does not die and Innocent is lost in the crowd. He then becomes a glue addicted kid and is playing soccer when ever he can. He vents his anger when he is looking for Innocent where he last saw him, the burned house. A soccer scout, recruiter, sees him because he dropped a soccer ball and thats what Deo was kicking. Deo is sent to a homeless soccer camp and becomes great at soccer and stops him glue addiction. He then is picked for the team to go to the African homeless soccer tournament and the book ends with out a win or loose, it just ends. Deo is the main character is this book. He loves to play soccer with his Zimbabwean friends. Deo is the protagonist and makes the book move. He is the one that decides for himself and Innocent, his brother, to make choices about where they should flee to next. His love of soccer carries him to great places and remakes his life. Innocent is Deo's older brother and is obsessed with his radio. He has a bix box which has all of his possessions in it. When he was born he was hurt and his brain has never been the same since. He is happy as long as he is doing something, his favorite things to do are washing his hands, listening to his radio or eating. Innocent saves the day a few times with his bix box. He is lost is lost later in the book and is never heard of again. "There is plenty of material to captivate readers: fast-paced soccer matches every bit as tough as the players; the determination of Deo and his fellow refugees to survive unthinkably harsh conditions; and raw depictions of violence... But it's the tender relationship between Deo and Innocent, along with some heartbreaking twists of fate, that will endure in readers' minds."
-PW (starred review) "A harrowing tale of modern Zimbabwe... gripping, suspenseful and deeply compassionate. Williams, a renowned dramatist, gives readers compelling characters and, in simple language, delivers a complicated story rooted - sadly and upliftingly - in very real events"
-Kirkus (starred review) "Williams skillfully draws the plight of these refugee brothers with both suspense and sympathy, and readers cannot help but root for them in their quest to rebuild their broken lives... Williams joins Beverly Naidoo and Allan Stratton with this incisive portrait of sub-Saharan Africa, a compelling mix of suspense, sports, and social injustice."
-Horn Book This book is awarded the cliff hanger award. This award is given out to books that make you want to continue reading.
This book deserves the CHA because it is written so every time there is a pause in the book there is an anticipation that makes you want to read on until you finish the book. I stayed up very late for two days before I finished this book. It would have taken me three if it had not been written so well. Who I recommend this to I recommend this book for Asher, he is one of my friends and enjoys soccer, running and the outdoors. The book is written so he would enjoy it, he doesn't like to read much so this book would be of optimal length. Its also a very easy read so he wouldn't have to look up and words. It is about soccer which is one of his favorite sports. He also runs fur exercise so he could relate to the running part. The outdoors part is mainly in the tomato farm because he works at Cave of the Mounds and is accustomed to working outside like Deo is. Captain Washington plays a small but important part is this book. He has always been nice to Deo and Innocent. He lets them watch soccer games and when they had to flee their village he let them stay with him. He also got them a ride away from the soldiers. Captain Washington Gut-wrenching and moving... An eye-opening book that cries out to read.
-Carl Dueker We run with Deo, our hearts in our mouths, to the very end.... How lucky we are to get such a read!
-Donna Jo Napoli
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