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Mindful Movement Physical Therapy

No description

Bobby Powell

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Mindful Movement Physical Therapy

Mindful Movement Physical Therapy, Seattle WA
ur Vision:
We are Mindful Movement, a rehab and injury prevention facility that is trained and prepared to care for every person that walks through our door. Mindful Movement is focused on creating a positive, engaging environment with the best overall care in Washington.
Meet the Staff
Dr. Ryan Burke
D.P.T., Geriatrics
Hobby: Cow Tipping
Dr. Bobby Powell III
PhD Psychology - Wellness Coach
Hobby: Selfie-taking
Dr. Lindsay Mayer
D.P.T., A.T., Gen. Pop, Student Athletes
Hobby: Squirrel Chasing
Dr. Hannah Berve
D.P.T., Pediatrics
Hobby: Bikram
Our mission is to work hard everyday to provide our clients with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to achieve their highest goals. Mindful Movement strives to collaborate together to produce the best care for our clients. We strive to provide the newest, most innovative technologies available and aim to incorporate technology based on individual needs of our clients’ lives, and promote health and self-growth.

The Three P's
The Washington
A growing baby-boomer population suffering from aches, pains, and injury.
Injured athletes
Geriatric related injuries
Environmental hazards causing injury (eg. snow)
General population musculoskeletal issues.

The Fix
With years of experience, state of the art equipment, top-notch research based PT techniques, we offer superb care and rehabilitation.
Our Fee
Our current rate varies per therapeutic modality while maintaining a fair price in comparison to similar, local clinics.
Our non-insured client membership fee starts out at $75 per month.
Why We're Number One
Our Experience
Continue to Research
Ten years practice experience
Varying specializations
Mindful Movement Culture & Organizational Framework:
Collegial Culture
Structural Framework
: Utilization of cutting-edge technology stemming from current research, variety of specializations, psychologist aiding in client mental health/motivation, small personable staff, including and cohesive team striving for the same vision. Healing location, outdoor rehab facilities,

: Limited business & management experience, colder environment (depression, appointment barriers, snow closures, etc.).

: Able to form close, professional relationships with local DPTs, ability to become a renown & respected facility, and form other useful relationships within the local community (hospitals, schools, etc.).

: Other PT clinics, client growth in limited facility space, Obamacare, facility insurability, and current accreditation.
Facility Design:
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