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Corinthian War

I am going to talk about how my war is just or not.

Student #60601

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Corinthian War

Cornthian War By: Makayleigh Was it just? Outcome Strategy's in war Leaders Gained Cities involved The cities gained more
power to take over other
islands. Yes, I thought the war was just because, they were acting in self defense.
The cities involved were Mainland,
Greece (that is the largest of the Orkney
Island) and Sparta,
One strategies are they built walls around their island so the enemies would go to the opening where the other team was hiding. The outcome of the war was
they signed an agreement for
peace Artaxerxers, Cyprus, Thebes bibliography Pictures: www.everystockpictures.com
information: www.corinthianwar.com and www.wikipedia.com

386 B.C.-395 B.C. photographer: Quinet The major Battles Coronea, Corinth, and Cnidus Reason of the war One reason is because Spart
was trying to take over other
islands. Comparing Iraq invated Kwuait because
they wanted their land Sparta
was going to take over the
Athenians land
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