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on 22 May 2013

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MERSİN ANAMUR Anamur is a lovely town situated in the mountains and surrounded by banana plantations. There are the ruins of ancient Anemorium. Anamur Castle is well preserved and provides a fascinating view of the landscape. The road between Anamur and Silifke passes through the pineclad mountains which descend to the sea offering splendid views of cliffs, coves and the brilliant turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. SİLİFKE Silifke is a little bit inland, on the site of the acropolis of ancient Selcucia and Colycadnos. The old bridge crossing the Goksu River,the theatre and the temple from Roman times are of interest.To the north of Silifke there is an excellent excursion opportunity, to Uzuncaburc. The road up to the magnificent ancient site of Olba-Diocaeserela is lined with large tombs. In the ancient city there are the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, Olbius and the Temple of Tychaion, and numerous arches, theater, Byzantine church and tower. Tasucu is a pleasant resort town with good accommodations and fine sandy beaches, especially the Aphrodite Beach. The harbour includes regular sea bus services to Girne in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Between Silifke and Mersin there is the little fishing villages in Narlıkuyu. Around Narlikuyu an exciting excursion is to Cennet Cehennem, (Heaven and Hell), and the Astım Dilek Caves which are deep chasms, one of which has a chapel. 60 kms from Mersin, to the west is the ancient city Korykos, which is now the resort town of Kızkalesi with sandy beaches and camping sites.There are important remains which are symbols of that region like The Castle of Korykos on the beach faces the Kızkalesi (Maiden's Castle) which stands on an islet 200 m offshore. The two castles once used to be joined by a sea wall but now they are separated. TARSUS Tarsus is the birthplace of St. Paul. Situated on the edge of the fertile Çukurova plain in the city is middle of cedar groves. The city is also the meeting place of legendary loves Antony and Cleopatra and there is the commemorative Cleopatra Gate. NUSRET MINE SHIP ESHAB-I KEHF(SEVEN SLEEPERS) It is the one of the most important ports of East Mediterranean.It is an important door for Central Anatolia,Mediterranean and Souhteast Anatolia's import and export together with it is a transhipment center for Middle East conturies.Full implementation of South East Project (GAP) will increase the importance of Mersin Port. CEZERYE This year the Mediterranean Games, one of the biggest International sporting events after the Olympics, is being held in Mersin. The Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games, which will host almost six thousand athletes and trainers from 24 countries, in 54 facilities across the city, will be held from 20 30 June. The athletes will complete 32 different events including athletics, badminton, boxing, fencing, karate, swimming, and wrestling. Mersin is the second city in Turkey after Izmir to host the Mediterranean Games. 2013 Mediterranean Games MERSİN PORT CUISINE It is a semi-gelatinous Turkish confectionery made from caramelised carrots, packed with nuts or pistachios and sprinkled with shredded coconut. HUMMUS It is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. ATOM It is made from banana,strawberry,kiwi,orange juice,honey,pistachios,carrot juice,some milk and chocolate chips. KEREBiÇ It is a doughy dessert filled with pistachios and served with a foam. TANTUNi It is a traditional Turkish street-food originating from the city of Mersin. Traditionally, thinly diced Beef is cooked with Turkish spices in special Tantuni pans and then served in special durum wrap rolls called Lavash. MERSİN The road from Silifke to Mersin is very enjoyable along the coast; the ancient basilicas, tombs and ruins are on one side of the road and lie beautiful coves with sandy beaches on the other. Ancient Pompeiopolis,
founded by Rhodians in 700 BC, provides many remarkable ruins. The modern name of the city is Viransehir. Nusret was a naval ship of the Ottoman Navy, which served as a minelayer during the Gallipoli Campaign, and later fulfilled various roles in the Turkish Navy; as minelayer , diver vessel and tender. Mersin is one of the most modern provinces of the palmlined avenues,city park and modern hotels region and a good base for visiting the nearby historical sites and beaches.In Mersin you may find all the comforts of a modern city and all the characteristics of the Mediterranean cities.Although Mersin dates only from the 19th century, it occupies an extremly ancient site. ZAHTER It is a rich mixture of crushed zahter, susame seeds, crushed cooked chicpeas, cumin, nigella seeds, seasalt, sumac and many more.People like to have their breakfast with this mixture. They simply dip their bread into olive oil, then to zahter, a fascinating treat. History Once upon a time, the king of this region had a daughter and the king loved his daughter very much. According to the legend, a fortune teller made a prediction to the King. In accordance with this prediction; the daughter of the King would be dying as a result of snakebite.Hereupon, the King had built a castle in the sea in order to protect his girl. Time passed and the girl grew in the castle. However, the legend was inevitable and a snake came out the fruit basket for the princess, bit the princess and killed her.So, the King lived a lonely life. And these events caused the name of this castle to be the Maiden’s Castle. History In works of history and exegesis of the Cave Eshab-ı but the most detailed information about the many works of the time not been a scientist was written by Tabari. This work later in the day by holding a lot of scientists have come up to the light. Tabari, the information given by Eshab-l Cave of God by faith in young people, and idolatrous a tribe member, was God to them, the way showed their purpose the Prophet Jesus in the way to go, and the Islamic faith move was. Ruler of the history of the young people that their religion Dakyanus after receiving news of their split, was trying to catch them but to persevere in listening to young people took refuge in a cave called the Nihlus. Through the night to enter the cave beside farmers fellow dogs Kıtmirde were God's providence and persecution many young people believe their century-long sleep and they wake up when the persecution has finished our people in far spiritual values as the preserve were. The names of the seven sleeps is as follows: Yemliha, Mekselina, Mislina, Mernuş, Dekarnuş, ŞAzenuş, Kefeştetayyuş. ADANA Situated in the middle of the Çukurova Plain (Cilician Plain), Adana is the fourth largest city of Turkey, nestled in the most fertile agricultural area of the whole country which is fed by the life giving waters of River Seyhan. Adana lies in the heart of Çukurova, a geographical, economical and cultural region that covers the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, and Hatay. Adana-Mersin metropolitan area, with a population of over 3 million, stretches over 70 km from east to west and 25 km from north to south; encompassing the cities of Mersin, Tarsus and Adana. LOCATION HISTORY The city's name originates in mythology, where it was said to have been founded by Adanus, the son of Kronus
(God of Weather).
The history of Adana is intrinsically linked to the history of Tarsus; they often seem to be the same city, moving as the neighbouring Seyhan River changed its position. Their respective names also changed over the course of the centuries. Adana was of relatively minor importance during the Roman's influential period, while nearby Tarsus was the metropolis of the area. During the era of Pompey, the city was used as a prison for the pirates of Cilicia. SEYHAN Seyhan is a district in the Adana Province of Turkey. The district is completely within the city of Adana and the Municipality of Seyhan is a lower-tier municipality serving to the entire district. Seyhan is home to 35 percent of the residents of Adana Province and almost half of the residents of the city of Adana. It is the fifth most populous metropolitan district in Turkey. Çukurova is a district in the Adana Province of Turkey. A large portion of the district is within the city of Adana, incorporated under the same name as a lower-tier municipality.
Ceyhan is a city in southern Turkey and with 105,000 inhabitants it is the second largest city of Adana Province after the capital Adana. YUMURTALIK Yumurtalık is a small city and a district in Adana Province of Turkey. It is a Mediterranean port at a distance of about 40 km from Adana city. Yumurtalık's population does not exceed 5,000 in winter, but in summer, it rises to 30 to 40,000 people since many inhabitants of Adana have holiday homes here. There are also many daily visitors during the holiday season.
Yumurtalık has a large free economic zone housing the production units of up to thirty companies presently in operation or in phase of being built. Fields of activities include industries ranging from petrochemicals, synthetic fibers and steel industry, and there are also plans for establishing a major shipyard. YUMURTALIK TODAY Yumurtalık is a holiday and weekend retreat for the people of Adana and of other cities in Çukurova region, who come to stay in seaside holiday flats generally built in compounds.
There are also small hotels and guest houses for occasional visitors. As well as tourism, the fertile agricultural lands that extend behind the coast are also a key factor in local economy and quality tomatoes, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables are extensively produced in Yumurtalık. HISTORICAL PLACES BIG CLOCK TOWER The construction of Büyük Saat was started in 1879 by the governor Ziya Pasha and it was completed by the succeeding governor Abidin Pasha in 1882, as a symbol of modernization. Büyük Saat was damaged during French occupation and had renovated in 1935. ULU MOSQUE The construction of Ulu Cami started in 1513 by Ramazanolu Halil Bey. It is located on Kızılay Street. CHURCH OF SAINT PAUL The church of Saint Paul di Adana is called from the people the Church with the Child. This to reason of the statue of the Madonna with the child who finds itself on the roof of the church. Tasköprü is a Roman bridge spanning the Seyhan River in Adana. Throughout ancient Anatolia and Persia, the bridge was a vital contribution to the trade routes and until 2007, it was one of the oldest bridges in the world to be open to motorized vehicles. It was then set for pedestrians only, now hosting social and cultural events.
The bridge was known with different names throughout the history; Saros bridge, Justinian bridge and finally Tasköprü. MISIS BRIDGE (TAŞKÖPRÜ) YAG MOSQUE The mosque was built in 1501 on the ruins of the church by Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey and named originally Eski Camii (Old Mosque).
The mosque later became known as Yağ Camii due to the oil bazaar that was just next to it. SAR HISTORICAL PLACE In Hittite period, ar was known ‘Komana’ as an important center. Also there were spectacular buildings in ar which are open-air theater, church and ‘Ala Kapı’ was built by marble blocks. ANAVARZA CASTLE Anavarza Castle, lies on a mountain near the village of Dilekkaya in the province of Adana in Turkey. Anavarza Castle was built on a 200 meter high majestic outcrop of limestone and has clear intervisibility with the castles of Yilan, Toprakkale, Amuda, Tumlu and Sis. Atatürk Museum exhibits War of Independence and the first years of Republic at the mansion, Atatürk stayed during his trips to Adana. Overlooking to the Seyhan River, the museum is located on Seyhan Street. The museum was built in the 19th century. CULTURE AND EVENTS INTERNATIONAL SABANCI THEATER FESTIVAL International Sabancı Theater Festival is held every year in April since 1999. At the festival in 2011, 461 artists from 17 ensembles (10 local and 7 international) performed plays that took stage at the Sabancı Cultural Center. The festival started with an astounding opening show staged on the Seyhan River and Tasköprü by Italian ensemble Studio Festi. "Water Symphony" show was greeted by thousands of people with great enthusiasm. INTERNATIONAL ADANA GOLDEN BOLL FILM FESTIVAL Altın Koza International Film Festival is a film festival of Adana, that was held 17 times since 1969 and took place every year since 2005. The festival, taking its name from cotton boll, the traditional crop grown in the region, includes national feature films along with international short subjects and student films of young Mediterranean filmmakers. During the Altın Koza of 2009, 212 international films were shown in 11 movie theatres across the city. Long Film Contest, International Student Film Contest and Mediterrenean Cultures Film Contest are held during the festival. A FIRST FOR ADANA: The 'Orange Blossom Carnival' In April this year, a one of a kind carnival will be held in Adana for the first time to celebrate the orange blossom season. With the support of the Adana Municipal Authorities and Altın Koza Inc., Ali Haydar Bozkurt, the brains behind the 'April in Adana' project and CEO Toyota Turkey, invites everyone to Adana for the carnival that will take place during orange blossom season. Furthermore, Adana- based bussinessmen, artists, NGO executives, journalists and politicians have also provided strong support for the ' Orange Blossom Carnival' project. Adana's the old bridge to host James Bond The historic Varda Railway Bridge in the southern province of Adana’s Hacıkırı village will be a filming location for scenes for the next James Bond film, the longest film series in the world that is celebrating its 50th year in 2012. The production team, which has been preparing the venues, will start filming in February. The Varda Bridge will be shown for 10 minutes in the film and its star Daniel Craig will also participate in the filming there, according to reports. The 200-person production team will come to Turkey in January for three months. CUISINE ADANA KEBAP ŞIRDAN BİCİ BİCİ TAŞ KADAYIF HALKA TATLISI ŞALGAM SUYU VIDEO ATATÜRK MUSEUM CEYHAN
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