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youHAV: Stetson University

No description

Emmie Wenzell

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of youHAV: Stetson University

youth Have A Voice
Annie Roche, Abby Thompson and Emmie Wenzell
Stetson University
Human trafficking
Corrupt governments
The world is a broken place and our generation is being left to pick up the pieces.
But why?
People often look down on us because we are young. They say “maybe one day,” or “you’ll understand when you’re older."
If we don’t understand, maybe it’s because we want to change things, because we CAN change things.
We have traveled around the world...
...and talked with youth of different countries, tongues, and religions...

...and no matter how oppressed the youth may be, they still have hope. They still have dreams and big ideas.
But often times, their voices are lost, or fall on deaf ears.
Here on our own campus, in a country with more opportunities and resources than anywhere else in the world, our students just don’t know.
Not all students have the opportunity to wake up to the reality that the world is filled with different people who are all fighting similar battles.

Now, with the technology and resources we have, we want to bridge that gap.
By bringing great young minds together from around the world, who knows what change we could initiate?
Each of us, even within the same city, has unique experiences and insights.
Sharing ideas and discussing opinions will open windows to a world of thought beyond what we had previously thought possible.
This is where youHAV

comes in.
Our Mission
To develop the idea of global responsibility through the facilitation of international thoughts, ideas, and information among young leaders
Why Stetson?
Stetson’s core values are global citizenship, self-awareness and personal growth. youHAV would promote all three values that Stetson already strives to cultivate across campus.
With Stetson’s resources and emphasis on developing the global community, we will be able to gather young leaders through forums, blog posts, video posts, and video conferences.
We have already begun work on a website to serve as the hub of the interactions and ideas of youHAV.
Our goal is to bring together young minds from vastly different backgrounds to start the conversation on any topic relevant to our rapidly evolving world.
The purpose is not to carry out projects, but instead to bring a group of young people together to discuss, learn, and develop methods of change.
Members from one country will never know what is best for those of another, but each member can bring experiences, ideas, and resources to help the development of projects for change.
We dream of youHAV becoming a respected international youth think tank, but to do that, we need to earn the credibility and run a successful marketing campaign.
The change is needed.
The vision is there.
The interest exists.
The time is now.
The question is:

Stetson University
Will you help launch a program, the likes of which has never been seen before?
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