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Meaghan Montgomery

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of List-Group-Label


An Academic Vocab. Strategy
Steps of L-G-L
1. Brainstorm a list of words prior to reading.
2. Add words to your list while reading.
3. After reading students organize words into categories based on similarities.
4. Students add labels to their categories.
In the Spanish classroom
Students learn a broad range of new vocabulary.

This strategy will help them categorize their new words into meaningful lists.
English Language Learners (ELLs)
ELLs should be able to list words in their native language during the brainstorming process. They can then translate the words into English. This allows them to write more than just the few words that they already know in English.

This strategy might be best utilized as an assessment.
The List-Group-Label (L-G-L) strategy develops students’ academic vocabulary by categorizing words into groups that relate to similar concepts. Students begin this activity by brainstorming words that relate to a certain topic of the teacher’s choice.
Step One

Brainstorm and list your words:

plátano, zanahoria, pollo, queso, torta, perejíl, tocino, uva, concombre,galleta, pescado, lechuga, tomate, leche, aguagcate, sandía, bistec, pavo,
manzana, fresa, cebolla, pastel, higo, pimiento, lomo, huevo, pescado, yogur, azúcar

Step Three
Label your categories

Step Two
Group your words based on

Group 1: llátano, uva, sandía, manzana, fresa, higo

Group 2: zanahoria, perejíl, concombre, lechuga, tomate, aguacate, cebolla, pimiento

Group 3: pollo, tocino, pescado, bistec, pavo, lomo, pato

Group 4: queso, leche, huevos, yogur

Group 5: torta, galleta, pastel, azúcar
: plátano, uva, sandía, manzana, fresa, higo

: zanahoria, perejíl, concombre,
lechuga, tomate, aguacate, cebolla, pimiento

: pollo, tocino, pescado, bistec, pavo, lomo, pato

: queso, leche, huevos, yogur

: torta, galleta, pastel, azúcar
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