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Foot Locker Employee Handbook & Training Manual

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Monica Chennavasin

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Foot Locker Employee Handbook & Training Manual

Store Maintenance
Merchandise associates are responsible for

1. Restocking the shelves and clothing racks

2. Organizing the clothing racks

3. Clean the fitting rooms

4. Cleaning and taking out any trash that accumulates in the store

Also, merchandise associates must be able to assist customers whenever necessary

Employee Handbook & Training Manual
Selling/Client Assistance
Opening Procedures
This section of opening and closing the store is important because every employee will, at some point, be in charge of these operations. The following steps are a way to insure you complete all of your daily tasks when having to open and close the store. When completed, these tasks will help the store achieve a high efficiency.
Customer Relations

The Foot Locker Employee Handbook
How to Welcome Customers
Step 1: Always Greet the Customer as They Enter the Store
Step 1: Focus on staying positive
How to Interact with Customers
Step 1: Remain calm and proceed to help the customer
How to Handle Customer Dissatisfaction
How to Turn Returns Into Sales
Customer Relations is a crucial part to maintaining a strong relationships between the corporation and the customer. In this section you will see steps to creating a beneficial relationship for both the customer as well as the business. Here at Foot Locker we take pride in making customer relations a key part in daily business.
Step 1: Listen to the Customer's Complaint and Learn
- Why is the item being returned?
- What is wrong with the item?

Step 2: Offer Suggestions According to Complaints
-Explore Alternatives

Step 3: Cross Sell & Up Sell
-Gift Cards/Store Credit

Step 4: Satisfy the Customer
-Not All Returns Can Be Sales
How to Turn on Computer/Start Program
: Turn On the Computer/Register

Turn On Register Program
• After the computer is turned on click on the Golden Register app. This app will be your main app to use while in the store. It will control all of your transactions in the store as well as any other tasks that deal with the register.

: Pull and Keep Receipt
• When the program is on and running, a receipt will be printed out.

• This receipt will indicate at what time the system was turned on. The receipt copy is held in the store just in case there is a conflict with the deposit.

Check Emails
• After finishing the above steps, click on the email section on the main menu to view all of the newest information from promotions, daily tasks, and anything else that you need to be informed with.

Step 2: Assist the customer with their needs
Step 2: Stay Calm
Step 3: Maintain Good Body Language
How to Make a Sale
Step 4: Be Enthusiastic and Friendly
Restocking Shelves and Clothing Racks
Step 2: Call manager if necessary
Step 3: Do not let customer dissatisfaction phase you
Step 1: Be Knowledgeable About Products

Step 2: Know How to Open

Step 3: Ask Questions

Step 4: Help Customers See Benefits

Step 5: Close/Confirm Sale

How to Check the Register Balance
STEP 1: Click on “Operate the Store”

STEP 2: Click on Register Balance
• This will indicate the amount of money that should be in the register at that current time.

• The register will then pop open.

STEP 3: Count the Money in the Drawer
• By counting the money in the drawer, you will be confirming that the amount of money indicated, is the exact amount of money in the drawer.

STEP 4: Type In Amount
• After counting down the drawer, type in the amount that was counted in the drawer at the specific time period.

Step 1. Pull the product from
the stock room

Step 2. Take product out of
inventory with iHeld

Step 3. Bring product back out
to the sales floor
Organizing Shoe Shelves and Clothing Racks
Step 1. Sort shoes and clothes
by size

Step 2. Check Racks for
price accuracy
Closing Procedures
The procedures to close the store are important because it prevents employee theft. In addition, by properly closing a store and completing all the necessary work at night, it will make the opening process an easier and smoother one.
Cleaning the
Fitting Rooms
Step 1. Put clothing on appropriate hanger and shoes in correct box

Step 2. Return product to
the proper rack
How to Count Down the Drawer
STEP 1: Open “Operate the store”
• After opening, click on the daily drawer balance. This is the amount of money that should be in the register.

STEP 2: Write Down the Amount
• After counting the money in the drawer, write down the amount of cash we do currently have in the drawer into the slot at the bottom of the daily balance screen.

STEP 3: Make a Deposit If Needed
• If there is an amount larger than $500.00 in the drawer, deposit the money to the bank the store is currently registered at.

STEP 4: Close System and Write down Amount
• After counting the drawer down, proceed to click on “Operate the Store” followed by “Closing the Store”.
• Write down what the ending daily balance was on the drawer. This will start to shut down the program.

Keeping the Store Clean
How to Make a Deposit
STEP 1: Take Out Deposit Slip and Deposit Bag
• Take out both the deposit slip and the deposit bag which are both located underneath the register.

STEP 2: Fill Out Slip and Bag
• The amount that should be written on both the deposit slip and bag is the amount that is left over after the deduction of the regular $500.

STEP 3: Take the Main Deposit Slip to the Bank
• It is important to remember to take only the main deposit slip to the bank.
• Leave all duplicated in the store register so just in case there is any conflict we will have the receipt to resolve whatever the conflict is.

Step 1. Pick up trash

Step 2. Bring lost materials to the front counter

Step 3. Remove empty boxes

Step 4. Wipe windows, sweep floor, and polish the counters
How to Sell a Product With A Limited Stock
Step 1: Double Check & Confirm

Step 2: Check Online

Step 3: Understand the Customer's Wants

Step 4: Explore Other Options

Step 5: Satisfy the Customer
Being Part of a Team at Foot Locker
Maintaining the store, assisting customers, selling products, and performing daily operating activities are all important to the success of our store.

As a member of our team at Foot Locker, you will be an integral part of the success of this store!
Understanding the proper way to make a sale can determine a company's profitability, as well as their quality of customer care.

At Foot Locker, our goal is to increase our profits, satisfy our customers, and increase our customer retention through proper sale strategies.
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Basic Customer Service
Customer Rapport
Dealing with Customers
Client Assistance
Store Operations
Opening Procedures
Closing Procedures
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