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Steve Jobs & Apple

No description

Harmanjot Grewal

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs & Apple

Steve Jobs & Apple Personal Life Where was Steve Jobs from? Beginning of Apple When and where was Apple founded? Apple continued What companies helped Apple develop ideas of a point and click operating system? The Apple Divorce/Separation What product was Steve Jobs in charge of that was not considered to be a success at Apple? Life After Apple What did Steve Jobs do with his share of Stock from Apple after he left? Return to Apple On what conditions did Jobs return to Apple? Where did he go to school? What kind of person was he? What were Steve Jobs likes? Interesting Facts about Steve Jobs Who were the main founders of Apple? What was the first Apple product? What products helped make Apple successful? When did Apple go on stock market? What was the new hardware device called? What slogan did Apple have to market themselves? What companies were Apples competitors at the time? What other products did Apple make? Why was Steve Jobs removed from his company? How did you think Steve Jobs felt about this? Who did the board chose to replace Steve and WHY? What lessons can be learned for other entrepreneurs who start their own companies. What other computer related company did Jobs get involved with? What did this company make? What other companies was Steve Jobs apart of while he was away from Apple? What do these companies do? What was the first new product released by Apple? What device is called the savior of Apple? What other products have followed? When did Steve Jobs die? What did he die from? What is Apples share price? What is the companies worth? What will the future of Apple be without Steve Jobs? San Francisco Homestead High School (1972), Cupertino Junior High School, Monta Loma Elementary School and Reed College His unbelievable imagination, leadership, and uncanny ability to develop and design technology products depicted his personality as confident, inspiring, and successful. Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs He hiked 7 miles across town once a week to get a decent meal at the Hare Krishna temple in town. Steve dropped out of Reed College Steve Jobs has four kids Reed, Lisa, Erin, and Eve and is married to Laurene Powell Jobs After dropping out, he slept on the floors of his friends’ places and turned in coke bottles for 5 cents to use the money to eat By: Harmanjot April 1, 1976 in a family garage The main founders of Apple were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak The first Apple product was Apple 1 The Lisa and the Apple 2 contributed to the success of Apple The Lisa... Apple 2... Apple had gone on stock market in 1977 xerox helped Apple develop ideas of a point and click operating system The new hardware was called a mouse Think different was Apple's slogan Apple made the Lisa and the Macintosh during this period of time The competitors of Apple were Microsoft and IBM Steve Jobs was in charge of the Macintosh, but it was not considered successful at Apple The money loss regarding the unsuccessful product the Macintosh Steve Jobs was removed from his company because of... Steve Jobs co-workers felt he was not mature enough to lead a company and people thought he wasn't as experienced as the he should have been. One of the major factors was Steve Job's demanding demeanor
and abrasive attitude towards his employees, which impelled the removal of Steve Jobs from his own company I think Steve Jobs felt betrayed and enraged because he put lots of hardwork into the making of Apple, yet his own employees removed him from his own company The board chose John Sculley to replace Steve because they felt that Sculley was a experienced and responsible person, who would help lead the company to success. Steve Jobs struggle could serve as a cautionary tale to entrepreneurs who start their own company, that there is always
going to be difficult times through your journeys but if you work hard you can endure, and make it to your destination. Steve Jobs sold all his share of stock, but one after he left Apple. Steve Jobs was involved Next NEXT is a company that produced software and computers Steve Jobs was involved with NEXT Steve Jobs was involved with Pixar Pixar creates animated movies Steve Jobs was also involved with Pixar and Disney Pixar creates animated movies and Disney is best known for the products of its film studio. The Walt Disney Studios is one of the largest and best-known studios in Hollywood. Steve Jobs returned to Apple, if Apple agreed to buy NEXT The iMac was the first new product released by Apple The NEXT operating system was the savior of Apple The iPhone, iPod, and iPad followed October 5, 2011 from pancreatic cancer Without Steve Jobs to guide and lead Apple to success, I personally believe that the company will suffer a major loss, because people like Steve Jobs are rare. With his innovative and creative mind he was able to make revolutionary changes to the technology industry.

~ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way Steve Jobs was a leader... Steve Jobs was inspirational... He was visionary... Steve Jobs was creative. He took risks and made innovations that evolved the technology in today's society. His perspective of vision contributed the unique products of Apple.

~ Imagination is the beginning of creation Steve Jobs was a leader Steve Jobs was a leader... Steve Jobs faced many struggles throughout his life. When he dropped out of college, he hiked 7 miles across town just to get a decent meal at the Hare Krishna Temple and slept on the floor of his friends places. Even when he found success later in his life, he was removed from his position. Regardless of everything that happened, Steve Jobs didn't give up and eventually he accomplished his goal.

~ After all failure isn't falling down it's staying down The future of Apple will never be the same without Steve Job Steve jobs Stanford commencement speech Steve Jobs interview Apple is worth more than 400 billion Steve Jobs faced many struggles throughout his life. When he dropped out of college he had to hike 7 miles across town just to get a decent meal at the Hare Krishna Temple. He slept on the floors of his friend's places. Even when he found success later in his life he was removed from his position. Regardless of his failures, Steve Jobs was still determined to achieve his goals. His undeniable passion impelled him to accomplish his dream.

~ Failure isn't falling down it's staying down Steve Jobs liked music and technology
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