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Gallery of Modigliani

Modigliani's life, and his portraits.

Sarah Maher

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Gallery of Modigliani

Gallery of Modigliani
By Sarah Maher Room 2:
Sculptures -
-19cm x 54cm
You will notice that Modigliani has used features such as a long neck and other unrealistic features to add more personality to this portrait. Room 1:
Portraits -Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne
-91.4cm x 70cm
In this portrait, Jeanne has lots of emotions, and Modigliani helps us to see and notice them. Portrait of Leopold Zborovski - 4 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.5 in.
- Sculpture of Jeanne Hebuterne
- 1918
This sculpture is very unusual. There are a lot of emotions even though this sculpture isn't as realistic as some other sculptures Modigliani makes. - Woman With Earrings
- 1917
- 60cm x 95cm
In this portrait, again, you will notice the long neck Modigliani has created, but there is lots of personality and emotion in this portrait.
Modigliani's portraits have similarities to Picasso's masterpieces, however, Modigliani liked to keep the personality and appearance intact. When you look at Picasso's portraits and artworks, he tends to move the parts of the face around, which does change the character and personality a lot.

- Originally painted, then sculpted
- Sculpture of Lunia Czechowska
- 4 in. x 2.5 in. x 2 in.
- 1919
This sculpture shows a lot of detail, definitely more than most portraits. This is because it has more than 1 dimension, and because Modigliani has made it quite realistic.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amedeo_Modigliani In this room, there is a few of Modigliani's Portraits he has created years ago. You will notice his use of long necks, masked facial features and tilted heads. His unique style is very eye catching. In this room, a couple of Modigliani's sculptures are displayed. He makes these according to some portraits that he paints. Room 3:
Children In this room there are portraits of children. He made every portrait have some unusual features, so this includes portraits of children. - Young Girl in Beret
- 1918
- Oil on canvas
- 65.4cm x 46.3 cm.
This portrait shows a lot of detail and is quite modern looking, even though it was made almost one hundred years ago.

- Alice
- Height: 101 cm
- Width: 49 cm
- 1918
This portrait is very unique and familiar too. It has an exquisite amount of detail. - Girl With Braided Hair (Ragazza Con Treccia)
- 1918
This portrait is probably one of Modigliani's finest artworks. It really is art from an average looking picture.

- 1918 Two Girls
- Oil on Canvas
- 100.2cm x 65.1 cm.
This painting is a nice family portrait of two everyday people. Modigliani, as you can tell, is a really good storyteller through art. Biography:
Modigliani was an amazing artist. His artworks consisted of sculptures and portraits.
Modigliani's full name is Amedo Clemente Modigliani. He was an Italian Atrist and Sculpter, and mainly worked in France.
Sadly, his carreer wasn't a long one. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 35, due to a disease called 'Tubercular Meningitis'. This is partly from an alcohol addiction and heroin. Though his life was short, he managed to paint and sculpt many master pieces.
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