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Team 2: Professional Development - How Full is Your Bucket?

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jaime hunter

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Team 2: Professional Development - How Full is Your Bucket?

Our path to improving staff morale How Full is Your Bucket? Our Current Reality Create a positive culture and increase staff morale - Teachers work in isolation
- Teachers feel like they are not recognized for their efforts and over-worked
- Negativity around campus
- Book study on "How Full is Your Bucket?"
- PowerPoint presentation to introduce concepts
- Practice filling each other's buckets
- Give teacher's idea on how to implement in their classroom
- Build classroom community
- Administer staff survey
- Communicate findings with administration Plan - Staff survey of their feeling about campus morale
- Student standardized data over the course of 5 years
Evidence to be Used
- To determine what would increase staff productivity and morale Understandings School Improvement Goals:
- To make it a more positive and enjoyable place to work
- To give us a more positive outlook and re-energize our community
- Increase student achievement
- Increase grade-level and staff collaboration Essential Questions - How do you like to be recognized for your successes and/or efforts?
- What makes you want to you want to be a better employee? Co-worker? A study found that negative employees can scare off every customer (parents) they speak with- for good. You need five positive interactions to counteract one negative interaction. 9 out 10 people say they are more productive when they are around positive people. Bucket Refresher Course So let’s make this a positive place for everyone! Go fill each other’s buckets! Dippers can be used two ways:
Fill 
Dip  Imaginary Dippers When our buckets are full, we feel great!
When our buckets are empty, we feel awful. Invisible Buckets Our buckets are constantly filled throughout the day
What people do or say us to can affect how full our bucket is
How we treat people also affects our own bucket Everyone Has an Invisible Bucket Studies show companies that adopt “bucket-filling” concepts…
♦ increased individual/staff productivity
♦ increased engagement amongst colleagues
♦ lengthens the amount of time people stay with a company
♦ increased customer satisfaction
♦ have better safety records and fewer accidents on the job Bucket Filling is Powerful Dipping
Saying or doing negative things that decrease positive emotions
Bullying, gossiping, and snubbing Filling
Saying or doing nice things to increase positive emotions
Recognizing someone’s effort/success
Praise Filling v. Dipping -Everybody has an imaginary bucket which is constantly filled or emptied
When our bucket is full, we feel great
•fill a bucket – receiving a compliment or recognizing someone
When our bucket is empty, we feel terrible
•empty a bucket – disrespected, belittled, cut-down
-Everybody also has a an imaginary dipper
We can use the dipper in a positive or negative way
•If we pay someone a compliment or recognize them for their achievements we fill their buckets
•If we cut them down or treat them poorly we empty the buckets
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