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No description

Esmeralda Guerrero

on 15 April 2015

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Prime Suspect
David Westerfield
Types of evidence used:
Fingerprint, blood spatter, trace evidence, computer evidence

The Evidence
Took a Jacket to a dry cleaners that contained reddish stains
Similar reddish stains were found in his RV
fingerprints not of the suspect
Child Pornography
hairs similar to a dog's motor home bed comforter
hairs on a bedsheets in his home
acrylic fibers on Danielle's necklace, Westerfield's home, SUV, laundry, and bedding
Result of analysis concluded that Danielle had indeed been inside Westerfield's Motor Home
Final Results
The court found Westerfield guilty of first degree murder, and was sentenced to death. He is currently incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison.
Westerfield is currently appealing his case under California state law.
Processing the Evidence
Esmeralda Botello Guerrero

On February 1, 2002, in San Diego, California, Brenda Van Dam went out with her friends. Her husband, Damon Van Dam, was left to look after their daughter Danielle Van Dam. Once Brenda returned, she went to bed assuming her daughter was safe asleep in her room. The next morning, the couple went to her room to wake her up, but Danielle was missing from her room. After a while of searching for her with no success, they called police. Danielle would never return home. Her badly decomposed body was found on February 27th, 2002.
Reddish stains on jacket were confirmed to be human blood.
The Reddish stains found in his RV were also confirmed to be blood.
Fingerprints belonged to Danielle.
The dog hairs found to be consistent to the Van Dam family dog.
Foreign hair on Westerfield's bed was consistent to Danielle's hair.
acrylic fibers found on Danielle's body were consistent to acrylic fibers found in Westerfield's home.
Child Pornography was found on his home computer.
The analysis results indicated that Danielle had in fact been in Westerfield's RV and in his home, something he had not disclosed to police.
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