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Chinook tribe creation story

the story of how the Chinook tribe was created

James Clark

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Chinook tribe creation story

the story of the Chinook people The Chinook tribe creation story the creator of all totem spirts icluding the sacred Thunderbird Talapas A half man half supernatural being that was created from a whale being cut across the back by old man south wind when he was suppose to The Thunderbird One day Talapas told the Thunderbird to lay its eggs on the top of Saddle mountain in present day Oregon One day a giantess who did not want the thunderbird eggs to hatch rolled them down the side of the mountain later when the traveled into the valley of the columbia river they pulled their women from the ground and earth These eggs became the first chinook men totem poles represent a social heirachy within the chinook culture as you can see the Thunderbird is at the top of the totem pole Both of the stories have a higher being or power
In both stories someone disobeys a higher power and this causes problems in the universe
In both stories man comes from a mythological creature or a non human life form 3 similarities between when the grizzlies walked upright and the Thunderbird The Chinook tribe pulled their women from the earth. When the grizzles walked upright the daughter of the sky spirt had kids with a grizzly bear
The sky spirit in when grizzlies walked up right had a daughter talapas didnt have any children
In when the grizzles walked up right people were created by grizzly bears. In the chinook creation story people were creation from the thunder birds eggs. Three differences of the Chinook creation story and when the grizzlies walked up right
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