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Brain Tumors

No description

Jasmit Sahota

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors
What is a Brain Tumor?
A brain tumor is a disease of the brain which cancer cells arise in the brain tissue.
Brain Tumor is a type of cancer...
A brain tumor is a tumor and its generally in the brain or, near the base of the brain.
Doctors and scienctist still haven't discoverd to this day how it appear.
How to Prevent Brain Tumor?
Brain tumors are attacks of small tumors on the brain. They grow and spread until the cancer has taken over the brain. If an abnormal tissue or cell growth occurs, and the nervous system has trouble funtioning. It is trigger the signs of symptoms is wrong. The most common treatments for brain tumors are surgery.
Lets move on to the common symptoms
The most common symptoms are:
~Headaches (usually worse in the mornings)
~Nausea and Vomiting
~Changes in speech,vision and hearing
~Problems with balancing and walking
~Problems with memory
~Your muscles with start jerking or twitching(seizurres or convulsions)
~Also, you'll have numbness or tingling in arms and legs
Some of the diagnosis are...
*Lumps can indecate cancer

By: Jasmit&Tajpreet
Definition of Brain Tumor: An abnormal growth of cells. (uncontrollably growth)
-Family History can also lead you to brain tumors.
-Cell Phone Usage can cause brain tumors because cell phones do emit radiation energy to body parts.
-Live Healthier by execsizing, eating healthy nutritous foods, not smoking, not having stress and drinking in moderation.
The major treatments are...
*Surgery (to remove the tumor)
*Radiation Therapy (to damage the cancer cells)
*Chemotherapy (the drugs to thr kill cancer cells)
The person to discover what brain tumors were was Gupta Longati. He was a Russian Scientist who had discovered brain tumors in 1873.
Before the discovery, doctors were treating brain tumors harmless like the the same was as brain cancer which was wrong.
Risks (factors)
*Exposure to radiation (the more exposure, higher the risk)
*People who've had cancer as a child develop a greater risk
Genetic conditions and family history
*Runs in the family
You could be born with rare syndromes (turner,and turcot syndromes.)
*HIV and AIDS can double the risk
Interesting Facts!!!
Every year there are about 2,900 people with brain tumors in the U.S. under the age of 20.

*There are 120 types of Brain and CNS tumors.
*They aren't infectious you can't catch a brain tumor.
*People can get tumors at ANY AGE!
*Now there are more tumors diagnosed than the 1970's.
*Brain tumors are the 2nd most common types of cancer in kids .
*300 teenagers diagnased with brain tumors each year.
*Hair dye doesn't affect anything.
*Underweight people are more open tp getting a glioma tumor.
-Google Images
Thank You For Watching:)
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