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Era 6: Part 1


Emily Smith

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Era 6: Part 1

2nd Semester Prezi Era 6 (Part I) Era 6 (Part II) Era 6 (Part III) Era 7 (Part I) Era 7 (Part II) Era 8
Enlightenment Located in Europe German Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, was one of the first to call this new era enlightenment. French Revolution Located in France Political crisis had a major impact on the French Revolution Serbian Revolution Located in Serbia A series of revolts occurred before the final revolution Greece Revolution Located in Greece Many small citizen revolts led to revolution French Revolution Located in France High taxes were a major contributor to this revolt Belgium Revolution Located in Belgium Belgium gained its independence by revolting against Dutch troops
Polish Revolution Located in Poland The Polish attempted revolt but were stopped by Russia Haitian Revolution Located in Haiti Cruel punishments were not unusual during the Haitian Revolution Mexican Revolution Located in Mexico Large landowners, Hidalgo and Moralos, and Spanish Visary, and the Creoles were factors of the revolt South American Revolution Located in South America Simon Bolivar attacked the Spanish and won Brazilian Revolution Located in Brazil Brazil gained independence through revolt New Agricultural Methods Tull invented a new mechanical device to aid in planting Industrialization of Britain Britain Industrialized first because of resources, capital, and demand New Economic Ways of Thinking Laissez- Faire "hands off" became the new way of thinking during the industrial revolution New Technology Spreading Growth of Industrialization Canals, bridges, and turnpikes were created Social Impact of Industrialization Three social classes were created ( upperr, middle, workers/peasants) Attitudes/Values During Industrialization The wife was expected to stay home while the husband went to work Arts During Industrialization Impressionism was a rising form of art during industrialization Germany Germany strengthened by developing science and economics Hapsburg Empire Created by multi-national groups seeking independence Ottoman Empire Europe took Ottoman land, resulting in war Russia Russia's emancipation was unsuccessful Forms of Imperial Rule The four main forms are indirect, direct, using a protectorate, or a sphere of influence Africa Africa was three times the size of Europe in the 1800's Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire weakens as nationalists revolt Egypt Egypt seeks modernization Persia Britain and Russia forced imperialism in Persia India Through the East India Company, Britain began controlling India China Trade between China and Britain created many complications Japan Japan became a modern industrial power through imperialism Southeast Asia and Pacific Britain took over by force Australia and New Zealand Australia became a penal colony and destination for criminals Latin America The U.S. united to defeat Mexico, gaining half of Mexico's land WWI: Western Front The Western front was located in France WWI: Eastern Front The Eastern front was located in Russia Balkan Front Bulgaria joined central powers, Romaine and Italy joined the allies, and fought on Balkan Front Technology of Modern Warfare Trench warfare was used Russian Revolution/ Civil War Caused by assassination of arch duke Ferdinand Mexican Revolution Wealth was not evenly distributed which led to a new constitution and fight for power Turkey and Persia Modernizes Turkey industrialized and built railroads and factories Arab Nationalism/ European Mandate System Pan- Arabism followed WWI Indian Independence Movement India fought for allied powers, believing they would gain independence, creating the INC Upheavals in China Japan invaded China as a reaction to the dpression Japan Japan's success' were insignificant compared to peasant life Post WWI Britain Britain's economy recovered slowly after WWI. Post WWI France France's economy recovered quickly after WWI. Soviet Union Under Stalin Soviet Union was taken over by Stalin's 5 year plan, collectivisation, and terror tactics. Nazi Germany Hitler was elected chancellor by legal means, and Nazi's took control through 3rd Reich. Fascist Italy Mussolini controlled Fascist Italy. Facsist Spain Franco took control and led a Fascist Dictatorship. WWII: Western Front Western front had early German victories, D-day, and allies pushed Germany back and took Berlin. WWII: Eastern Front Germany invaded Russia, Russia started winning and took Berlin. WWII: Pacific Front Japan dominated at first through the Island Hopping Campaign. WWII: China China won WWII and became Communist WWII: Japan Japan lost WWII and became a Mandate Cold War War between U.S. and Russia- the goal is to expand idealogy Cold War Divides Germany Divided Germany into East-communist, west-democracy Cold War in Communist China Mao led a Communist revolution Cold War in Korea and Vietnam Vietnam was the first domino in communism India India struggled with a rising population and caste system Soviet Union USSR/Russia had major economic/political problems and eventually collapsed The 5 African Nations They all had major political, economic, and social problems Israel The Israeli's fought the Arabs fro land Iran The U.S. backed the Shah, but the Ayatollah took over Ireland Ireland had major religious conflict (Catholics vs. Protestants) South Africa The biggest struggle for the ANC was apartheid Rwanda and Sudan The Hutu and the Tutsi fought-many were killed
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