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No description

Benita Snyder

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of STUDY SKILLS II

Prepare a Daily Organizer
Listen Attentively
Think Before You Write...But Don't Get Behind
Adopt A Standard Method For Note- Taking
Focus On Key Points
Listen To Clues, Indicating Important Points
Flexible Reader
3 Reading Styles

Study Reading

Prepare a Term Calendar
Record your assignments with their due dates and your scheduled tests.
Record your planned school activities.
Record your known out-of-school activities.
7 Effective Time Management Tips

I Focus On Your Task
II Know Your Outcome
III Plan Your Task
IV Start Small, Add Task
V Ask For Help And Advice
VI Use A Calendar
VII Maintain Your Balance

What is Procrastination?
Why Do Students Procrastinate?
How Do You Know if You Procrastinate Excessively?

Test-Taking Strategies
Multiple Choice Questions

Read the questions thoroughly
Eliminate answers you know are correct
Read all choices before selecting your final answer
Make an educated guess
no penalty for guessing

Improving Concentration

Study Place


Study Time


Don't Multi-Task

Test-Taking Strategies
Essay Type Questions

Read The Directions Carefully
Make Sure You Understand The Question
Budget Your Time
Answer Easy Questions First
Avoid Long Introductions And Conclusions
Focus On One Main Idea Per Paragraph
Prepare a Weekly Schedule
Record your daily classes.
Enter things to be done for the coming week from your Term Calendar.
Review your class notes from the previous week to see if you need to add any school activities.
Add any out-of-school activities in which you will be involved during the week.
Be sure to include times for completing assignments, working on projects, and studying for tests. These times may be during the school day, right after school, evenings, and weekends.

Each evening before a school day, prepare a Daily Organizer for the next day. Place a √ next to each thing to do as you accomplish it. Here is what to do to prepare a Daily Organizer.
Enter the things to do for the coming day from your Weekly Schedule.
Enter the things that still need to be accomplished from your Daily Organizer from the previous day.
Review your class notes for the day just completed to see if you need to add any school activities.
Add any out-of-school activities in which you will be involved the next day.
Your Weekly Schedule should have more detail than your Term Calendar. Your Daily Organizer should have more detail than your Weekly Schedule. Using a Term Calendar, a Weekly Schedule, and a Daily Organizer will help you make the best use of your time.
Only a Minute

I have only just a minute,
Only sixty seconds in it,
Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it, But it’s up to me to use it, Give account if I abuse it, Answer for it if I lose it, Just a tiny little minute,But eternity is in it!
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