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Embrace the Change!

A decade of transformation for Yorkville Bands

Victor Anderson

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Embrace the Change!

A decade of transformation for Yorkville Bands.
Embrace The Change!
The Right Place,
The Right Time.
The Future?
Managing Change
Leading in a Culture of Change
by Michael Fullan
copyright 2001
Characteristics of change for leaders
“Whatever one’s style, every leader, to be effective, must have and work on improving his or her moral purpose."

“Whether people are driven by egoistic (self-centered) or altruistic (unselfish) motives, the fact is that all effective leaders are driven by both.”
Moral Purpose
Understand the process of change, the complexities, the challenge, the journey, and what it means to change the culture of an organization.
Understanding Change
Sustained Success-More Change
Relationships, Relationships, Relationships
“If moral purpose is job one, relationships are job two, as you can’t get anywhere without them.”
Knowledge Building
“It is one of life’s great ironies: schools are in the business of teaching and learning, yet they are terrible at learning from each other. If they ever discover how to do this, their future is assured.”
Coherence Making
“The most powerful coherence is a function of having worked through the ambiguities and complexities of hard-to-solve problems.”
Yorkville High School Wind Ensemble, Yorkville, Illinois
Director, Victor Anderson
Activity #1 - listening and analyzing
Listen to the two recordings of two different bands and write down your thoughts about the two bands.
Recording #1
Recording #2
Some of My Mentors:
Cassie Pribble-Gallagher
John Heath
Dean Petrie
Nick Cagle
Garett George
Dr. Menghini & Stacey Larson
Chip Staley
Bill Jastrow
Jim Stombres
Glen Schneider
Margene Pappas
Darrin Hicks & David Erickson
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Steve Eggleston
Ron Kiesewetter
“Don’t give up. The best is yet to come.”
“You shall soon gain the attention of those who count.”
“Your example will inspire others.”
“Everyone around you is rooting for you. Don’t give up!”
“There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you.”
Building Expansion
High School #2?
Shift from Dept. Manager to Instructional Leader
continue cultural change
(PLC’s, Professional conversation)
Balance all aspects of the Music program
build better interdepartmental relationships

More celebrations!
Thank You!
Victor Anderson
Yorkville High School

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