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Taking the Disney College Program to the Next Level

How to make your Disney College Program Experience worth your time!

Megan Flanary

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Taking the Disney College Program to the Next Level

Taking the Disney College Program to the Next Level Tips on how to make the Disney College Program really worth your time!
Be Prepared to network at anytime
Networking can happen anywhere, especially in the world of Disney
To Networking Events, bring a notebook, pen, and business cards if you have them
Show Your Passion
Let them know how interested you are in their field/career
Be Proactive
Go to networking events provided by the Disney College Program
Plan the Speaker Series you would like to attend
Do your research
Think outside of your box
Network with people outside of your field of interest Dont forget to... Follow Up!
Email or Call
Job Shadowing
Interviewing Choosing the Right Classes
It's important to choose classes that will help with your school or career path Collegiate Offerings
Similar to a small college class setting
Credits can be given through the ACE Seminar Offerings (Professional Development Series)
Major specific
Major networking opportunity Seminar Offerings (Disney Exploration Series)
Exploring the Disney Way on a hands-on level Self Paced Learning Series
No registration required
Offered randomly throughout the semester Success at the Workplace Success at the workplace is key to a successful college program! Steps to ensure success:
Set an appointment with your leader immediately
Ask for a performance evaluation halfway through your program
"Go Above and Beyond!" - Follow all of the Disney Basics at all times Living and Housing Transportation
Bringing your own car can be helpful, however, the Disney CP busses will take you to work and to any of the parks, anytime! The busses also go to the local Wal-Mart. Roommates
You can choose anywhere between 1 and 7 roommates. You can choose your own roommates via Facebook, via the matching tool on the CP website, or while in line for check-in. Housing Complexes
Vista Way - oldest complex, lots of younger students, walking distance to several restaurants and next-door to a Walgreens
Patterson and Chatham - both are next-door to each other, but far from Vista Way. They are walking distance to several restaurants, the mall and a Publix. General Advice • Take advantage of every opportunity • Talk to as many people as you can • Demonstrate the Disney Basics• Be a leader and a positive role model in your workplace• Learn about Disney’s history and heritage• Experience new things and meet new people • Eat as many Dole Whips as you can from Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom • Go to the parks and experience the magic on a level that nobody else will ever be able to! Networking
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