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No description

juanche nieva

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of FINDING DORY

Importance of this movie
Soon after "Finding Nemo" was released, the demand of Clownfish increased in an 40%. This little fish have their home in the deep blue sea, and now they are in danger of extinction.
"Finding Dory" does not want to reproduce those fatal mistakes, so the acuarium where Dory is held, is actually a type of "hospital" for sea creatures such as her, were, after a period of recovery, they are sent back to te sea. With this, Pixar wants to motivate people not to go freak for this little fish.
Finding Dory is the sequel to the 2003 movie "Finding Nemo". Both were directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Pixar.
After 10 long years of the realease of "Finding Nemo", Pixar anounced that finally, this movie would have a sequel, who will starr Dory, making this movie called "Finding Dory" which would be released on 17 June 2016.


Dory,s Father and Mother. they had been unknown in the previous movie because Dory could not remember them. They had lost her beloved daughter when she was a little fish. Will Dory meet them again? or years have passed and they are no longer in this world?
Hank is an octopus who
lives in the Acuarium where
Dory is now trapped. His
period on the conservatory
acuarium is now over so he

This big announcement took place in the "Ellen Show", by Ellen de Generes who would animate Dory's voice, on 2nd April 2013.
As we saw in "Finding Nemo" Dory is a Blue Tang Fish who suffers from "short term memory loss", until now, we did not know where she came from, or who was her family. After all the adventure in the previous movie, we now see her leaving with Marlin and Nemo.
One of the cutest characters along the movie is baby Dory. She appears when Dory wants to find out her origins, her family, and, although memory does not come easily, she has certain flashbacks which will help her reunite with her family,
and thats the plot of this movie.
Father and son, they had
gone through a lot together,
Marlyn traveled all along the
ocean in order to find his son
Nemo, in that trip is where he
meets Dory, who will help him along his trip. They have lost all their family because of a Barracuda who ate them all, as a result, Nemo was an exception but instead suffered from a lesson which
will affect one of his fins. In "Finding Dory"
they will adventure on a new trip to
rescue Dory.
must return to the sea. He meets Dory who wants to go back to the sea, so Hank will help her to achieve this, in exchange of her tag that she has to remain in the acuarium. Along the movie they become very good friends, indeed he will be the responsible of opening Dorys doors to achieve all what she wants.
Destiny is an whale shark who used to be Dorys friend back in time.
Bailey is a Beluga whale who recides in the acuarium where Dory is. Both will help her achive what she wants, reuniting with both of her families.
Do you think Finding Dory has achieved on trying to reduce the amount of this movie like-fishes (Clownfish, BlueTang, etc) captivity or sport fishing? or are we humans totally responsible?
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