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brenda payan

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of HEAT AND ENERGY

and BRENDA PAYAN Energy is matter that moves or changes and what gives us the ability to work ( like jogging, growing, speaking, and electricity). FORMS of ENERGY There are 8 types of energy : Potential, Kinetic, Chemical, Electrical, Light, Mechanical, Thermal, and Nuclear. They are all important. Heat is also the measurement of the energy of molecules moving in an object , and the process of thermal or nuclear energy. HEAT become active and bump into
each other and because of thermal energy they're going
fast so they create heat. Heat is when molecules POTENTIAL
ENERGY Potential energy is something like a ball at the
top of a hill, the energy is being stored for its' next use of Kinetic energy . Potential energy for people could be like sleeping. HEAT is what measures how fast energy is moving in an object. MEASUREMENT OF ENERGY For example, what has more heat and energy, an iceberg
or a boiling pot of water? If you picked iceberg you are correct, because the molecules move faster and create heat. Usually people would say a boiling pot of water because it feels warmer, but if the molecules are moving faster in the iceberg, then it creates more heat. CHEMICAL energy is stored energy(nutrients) that we get from food . Then electrical energy is energy made by fossil fuels (coals, natural gas, and the decaying of animals from hundreds of years ago)in power plants or batteries made to be used for cooking , light , and electrical energy. Except people have to use it more carefully or the earth will be demolished because of the radiation. CHEMICAL and ELECTRICAL
ENERGY . Light energy is the major source of light (the sun).Which can be used for photosynthesis, light, and energy. Light and Mechanical
Energy Mechanical energy is the wind, water, air planes, and sound waves in motion creating energy by putting energy in motion . Thermal and nuclear energy are almost identical .Thermal energy is the process of atoms vibrating and the energy is creating heat. However, nuclear energy is energy released from atoms when together or apart because of the energy in motion to create heat. THERMAL AND NUCLEAR ENERGY THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! : ) THE END heat Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is Potential energy put to motion. If someone was to kick the ball over and and over again then more Kinetic energy would make the ball go even faster until you stop kicking it . Then it will become Potential energy all over again. In conclusion we have all learned about the use of all 8 types of energy (Potential, Kinetic, Nuclear, Thermal, Light, Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical). IN CONCLUSION....
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