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Junior Spirit

No description

Lexi Melton

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Junior Spirit

Junior Spirit
Who Am I?
Quotation from the text:
"Hey, Chief," Roger said. "You want to hear a joke?"..."Did you know that Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo?" (Page 64)

"Kid, if you get my daughter pregnant, if you make some charcoal babies, I'm going to disown her. I'm going to kick her out of my house and you'll have to bring her home to your mommy and daddy. You hearing me straight, kid? This is all on you now." (Page 109)

"We were trying to kill Indian Culture." (Page 35)
"Where did you learn this fact? On the reservation? Yes, we all know there's so much amazing science on the reservation." (Page 85)
Quotations from book
Yep, those bastards were making fun of my brain disorder. Charming, huh?...
"Can you imagine a place where white people are scared of Indians and not the other way around?" (Page 90)
"And it's a hick town, I suppose, filled with farmers and rednecks and racist cops who stop every Indian that drives through..." (Page 45/46)
"During one week, when I was little, dad got stopped three times for DWI, Driving While Indian." (Page 46)
Quotation from the text:
"The Andruss brothers never did figure out who cut their eyebrows and hair. Rowdy started a rumor that it was a bunch of Makah Indians from the Coast who did it..."
"You can't trust them whale hunters,"Rowdy said,"They'll do anything." (Page 22)
Quotation from the text:
Quotation from the text:
Quotation from the text:
Quotation from the text:
Our group tracked the racism though-out this novel. Racism decreased as the novel progressed. As Junior's journey began we noticed that Freytag's Pyramid was forming in this book. Junior had a lot of self directed racism along with, racism from others.
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