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Costume Mistress

No description

Jocelyn Marker

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Costume Mistress

Costume Mistress
Creating a Character
Costumes ultimately can help an actor get into character

We can create costumes or pull them from storage

When creating or choosing costumes you need to think about the following:
The overall feel(mood) of the show
Historical Accuracy
The character
Figuring out Costumes
Before you do anything you need to read the script.
By reading the script you decide what look the character will take on. Also you can establish what time period the play takes place.
Sometimes the director will overall decide when the play takes place.
Designing the Costume
When you are ready to design the costume you will come up with a concept design/Rendering
A rendering is just ideas of how you want your characters to look. This might not be the end design but it is a goal.
Look at the pictures below for concept design for the show Steel Magnolias
When Its time to Get costumes
There are three main places you can get your costumes
Storage/Costume Closet
The Actors themselves
Make the costumes
If you need to make costumes you will have to measure your actors
You can also buy costumes if need be

When you have everything you will create a Costume Plot
This is a list of all items and all costumes a character wears and when they change the costume
Once everything is together you will have a Costume Parade
A costume parade is when the director gets to see each of the costumes in natural stage light, and can make notes or changes
The Show
Before the show you will steam costumes to make them look their best.

During the Show you will help with
quick changes
Which is when an actor has only a few seconds to change

Between shows you will fix any costumes that need attending
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