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Red Kayak

Red Kayak Story Map

Emily Wiggins

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Kayak

Red Kayak Main Characters Brady Parks J.T. (Jeremy Tyler) Digger (Micheal Griswald) Minor Characters Mr. & Mrs. DiAngelo Carl Mr. & Mrs. Parks Ben DiAngelo Setting Red Kayak takes place on the Corsica River in Bailey's Wharf, Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay. By: Priscilla Cummings Conflict The Accident Brady was pulled out of school to help search for Ben and Mrs. DiAngelo. Brady, J.T. and Digger first see the red kayak out on the river. The Death At first Brady is called a hero. But then Ben died from pneumonia and suddenly Brady was not a hero anymore. Brady suffers from sadness for a long time, nllhz Working for Mrs. DiAngelo Brady gets a job working for Mrs. DiAngelo. He takes care of yard work for her. Talks to Mrs. DiAngelo about Ben and Amanda. Brady cleans out Mrs. DiAngelo's boat house. Brady finds his dad's missing drill with red paint chips on it. CLIMAX! Brady realizes that J.T. and Digger drilled holes in the kayak. Brady talks to J.T. and J.T. confesses that he and Digger drilled the holes in the kayak. Brady talks to Digger, he denies everything. Brady finds Digger in the boat house and talks to him. Brady's Trip Brady goes to Rhode Island to visit his cousins for a week. Brady decides what he needs to do with the drill. Brady get's a picture of Amanda. Brady's Decision Brady decides to get rid of the drill. Brady throws the drill in the river. Brady Tells Brady and his dad pull the kayak out of the river Brady talks to a lawyer about what happened. The lawyer tells him he won't be charged with anything, so he will not go to jail. Finds out that J.T. and Digger could be charged with manslaughter or second degree murder. Author's Theme Red Kayak Story Map By: Emily Wiggins They thought it was Mr. DiAngelo. Brady finds Ben on the shore of a small cove. Brady wanted to yell out but J.T. and Digger told him not to. He thinks he could've saved Ben faster. Resolution J.T. and Digger are sentenced to 9 months in a juvenile forestry camp. He rushes Ben to where the ambulance was waiting while doing CPR. They confess to what they did. J.T. and Digger go to court. Digger then confesses to Brady The End! Credits:
Book By: Priscilla Cummings
Prezi By: Emily Wiggins
All information from the book Red Kayak Brady realizes he gave Digger the idea Ben DiAngelo dies from pneumonia after a kayaking accident Brady finds out that his best friends J.T. and Digger caused it. Brady has to choose between telling the police and risk going to jail and living with the the guilt of knowing and not telling anyone. Always make good decisions because one bad one can change your life forever.
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