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How do different liquids affect plant life?

This is a science fair project we had to do. This was made to be viewed by my class.

Leah Eaves

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of How do different liquids affect plant life?

How do different types of liquids affect plant life? The main purpose for my project was to obviously see what liquid should be used for preserving plant life. My brother had also done a project similar to this, and I wanted to see different results and try it a different way. Background Knowledge and Research I had known that plants mainly survive with water (as opposed to other liquids). Water was what plants would most likely be able to live with. I still needed more information, so I began research. It seems that many other people had focused on plant growth more than just preserving it in soil. However, I did find information about how water was used for photosynthesis, as we all know. Water gives plants energy to be able to grow. Procedure/Material List Materials: Hypothesis If I give different liquids to the same plants, then the plant I'm giving water to will not die. - 3 Plants (posies)
- Sprite, Vinger, and Tap Water
- Measuring cup
- notepad (not necessary, I began writing on Day 1, but I "gave up" around day 5) Procedures
1- Place plants all in the same place, preferably where they'd get most sunlight
2- Everyday, give each plant 1/4 cup of their chosen liquid
3- Observe [ You will need to watch the plants to see which wilts and when}
4- If you'd like, record data in notepad. Record what day each plant died, and which plant it is. Graph Different Liquids, Different Results Conclusion My hypothesis was correct. The results indicate that the plant I was giving water to did not wilt. If I were to conduct this experiment again, I would choose different liquids than these and different kinds of plants. THE END
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