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Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin,and the Empresario System

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Shiwon Hong

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin,and the Empresario System

.He traveled 800 miles to San Antonio de Béxar, to meet with Governor Antonio Martínez and present his petition.

.He first denied it, which caused Austin to meet with the Baron de Bastrop, and told him about the petition.

.He agreed with it, and the Baron talked with Martínez. Soon, he also agreed with it.

.When he was finally dying, he asked his son, Stephen to carry on his dream of colonizing TX.
Moses and Stephen F. Austin, and the Empresario System
The beginning of Moses Austin
.Moses was born on 1761 in Durham, Connecticut on October 4th and died on June 10, 1821.
.He had a keen interest in lead mining, and soon operated one in George Morgan's colony in Missouri.
.His family and him were doing well until the Panic of 1819 of debt.
.Soon, in 1820 he had an idea for colonists. He wanted to bring 300 families to TX to start a colony.
.Spaniards were suspicious of him because of earlier filibusters, and they questioned him.
Moses Austin, continuing
Stephen F. Austin's beginning
.SFA was born on November 3, 1793 in Virginia.
.He was 27 when his father, Moses died.
.He first went to San Antonio de Béxar to meet Governor Martínez.
.A man named Erasmo Seguín was appointed to help Stephen, who got the grant from his father, Moses.
.He made a settlement near the Colorado River and looked to recruit colonists in New Orleans.
.He was allowed to bring 300 families to TX, who were called the "Old Three Hundred.
.The Baron de Bastrop gave land titles to the colonists.
. HE was the first empresario in TX.

SFA, continuing
.Austin's colony grew greatly because of his strong leadership.
.He faced a challenge in 1820 where he went to San Antonio de Bexar to get more supplies.
. Mexico had gained its independence from Spain, which meant that now Mexico took over TX, now Spain.
.Austin had to travel to Mexico City to receive approval of the Mexican gov. for his settlement.
. Austin learned to speak Mexican while he was there, so Mexican officials could trust him more, and he was awarded land grants under national laws in 1823-1824.
.He also received under the law of 1825 passed by Coahuila y Tejas.
. He died of a severe cold and pneumonia on December 27, 1836
The Empresario System
. Empresarios is an agent who makes all arrangements to bring
settlers to a colony.
.Stephen F. Austin was the first empresario in TX.
.The law of 1825 allowed empresarios to receive land grants.
.Green Dewitt was known as the second most important empresaio, who had a permission to locate 400 families in TX, but only put 166 by 1831.
.Martín de León settled about 200 families near the Lavaca and Guadalupe rivers.
.Other empresarios that were important are Arthur Wavell and Ben Milam.

Question Time!!!
What did Moses Austin ask Stephen, his son to carry out on his deathbed?
A. The dry goods business
B. The position in the military
C. Colonizing TX
D. Becoming a TX government
Question Time!!! 2
What did the Mexican government and Stephen F. Austin want for people settling in colonies?
A. Become Catholic, or agree to be one
B. Work hard and provide themselves
C. Be good people to others
D. All of the above
Moses Austin
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