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No description

Cassie Ragland

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Brazil

Brazil Geography Current Events
Economy Customs Capital moves from Rio to Brazilia: 50th Anniversary Crime Rate = 4 times that of the US Movie
Federal Republic Three Branches 26 States and Federal Districts Many political Parties Rise in drug related violence and illegal weapon smuggling Language: Portuguese, Indian Languages Greetings: Women kiss cheeks, men shake hands Racial discrimination Gender discrimination Big families-
close extended families Largest economy in Latin America
(10th in the world) Average annual income per person: $10,200 Exports:
Orange Juice
Corned Beef
At one point used US dollar as currency

Currently use the "Brazil Real" Borders all countries but Ecuador and Chile Diverse Geography 5th largest country in the world Worlds most exstensive river system Amazon River South= Rugged, Mountainous Total species: 4 million Igassu Falls Christ the Redeemer
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