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Solar energy

No description

Jenna Bourbon

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Solar energy

Imagine Business strategy Nigeria business relationships and customs Political Economy
of Nigeria Where our Wind Turbines will be located Utilizing the most amount of energy possible using natural elements. Wind powered energy What a wind turbine looks like The wind energy industry is booming Globally. It's more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2006. At the end of last year, global capacity was more than 70,000 megawatts. In the United States, a single megawatt is enough electricity to power about 250 homes. Germany has the most installed wind energy capacity, followed by Spain, the United States, India, and Denmark. Development is also fast growing in France and China. The biggest wind turbines generate enough electricity to supply about 600 U.S. homes. Wind farms have tens and sometimes hundreds of these turbines lined up together in particularly windy spots. Smaller turbines erected in a backyard can produce enough electricity for a single home or small business. Utility-scale wind turbines average approximately 2 megawatts of capacity. This means that one wind turbine is rated to supply enough energy to power 500-600 average sized homes. SOME FACTS Wind turbines cost $2 million dollars per megawatt to install. Current wind turbines total approximate height is 363 feet tall. turbines will have an expected life span of 20-30 years turbines will have a life span of 20-30 years
- Men should dress in dark suits and ties
- Woman should wear dark, business-style suits
- The way you dress signifies your level of importance
- Handshaking is very important. Lingering handshakes are a positive gesture.
- Your level of hospitality directly correlates to the seriousness of your desire to do business.
- Nigerians are Muslims who do not drink alcohol
- Avoid using your left hand during meals. It is a disrespectful gesture. When conducting business in Nigeria: Intro to Wind Turbines (Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo) NAEE Government Contract Logistical Considerations We are planning on having the turbines manufactured be General Electric in the United States and the rest in Nigeria.
The purpose for having the components made in the USA is so that we can keep the technology at home.
We will build assembly plants and wind farms in the Nasarawa state, build farms in Zamfara in the west and then Plateau in the east. We will then build an offshore farm and manufacturing plant by the city of Lagos.
The assembly plants in Nasarawa and Lagos will be staffed by Nigerian machinists and managers and the head managers will be expatriates.

We will ship the turbines to Africa via Evergreen shipping. Over the course of four years, we will build four ten unit farms. Nigeria's political system is mostly based
off of United States system
President Goodluck Jonathan has his power
checked by bicameral body called the National
Assembly Nigeria is ranked 139th in government corruption
Prebendalism: the belief that they are entitled to the revenues of the Nigerian state Mixed economy
One of the "Next 11" economies Extreme dependency on oil - Oil and gas exports account for more than 95% of export earnings and over 80% of federal government revenue
Struggling agricultural sector Two seperate law systems
Common law in the south
Sharia law in the north Entry Method Manufacturing and Installation Nigerian workers: - Manufacturing plants staffed with Nigerians
- Installation group staffed with Nigerians
- Management by American ex- patriots Maintenance and Repair Implementation of Nigerian government employees to maintain and repair. (Turnkey situation) Future Markets -Government
-Public/Private Solar Panels Ventiotech Tower Rotor blades generator Foundation
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