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Copy of Personality Assessment (Animals)

Lion, Peacock, Owl, and Koala

Steven Carlo

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Personality Assessment (Animals)

Emotional Characteristics
Loves to be in charge
Must correct wrongs/injustice
Not Easily discouraged
Independent & Self-sufficient
At School/Work
Assertive and Aggressive
Focused on Production
Able to see the "big picture"
Good at finding practical Solutions
Will use others to their advantage
"The Doer" (Controlling Style)
As a Friend
Exerts more sound control
Motivates and captivates
Thrives in group activities
Not afraid of conflict
Speaks what's on their mind
When Talking to Lions
Get to the point
Give direct and honest answers
Speak loud and clearly

"The Communicator" (Promoting Style)
Emotional Characteristics
Loves to talk
Great sense of humor
Enthusiastic and expressive
Wants to be taken seriously
Displays emotions freely
At School
Loves to be involved
Lots of energy
Visually oriented
Rarely gets too serious
Charming and persuasive
As a Friend
The life of the party
Wants a lot of attention
Makes friends easy
Doesn't hold grudges for long
Can turn disaster into humor
When talking to peacocks
Socialize with them first
Don't be too serious with them
Be friendly and attentive
Remember they want respect and acceptance
"The Thinker" (Analyzing Style)
Emotional Characteristics
Deep and thoughtful
Intuitively creative
Self sacrificing and idealistic
Usually very serious and purposeful
Do not like to take a lot of chances
At School
Schedule Oriented
Committed to excellence
Problem solver
Organized and meticulous
Persistent and thorough
Able to use high level of thinking
As a Friend
Difficult to get to know
Very faithful and devoted
Will listen attentively
Would rather observe than participate
Content to stay in the background
Can be picky and critical
Cautious about making friends
"The Listener" (Supporting Style)
Emotional Characteristics
Easygoing and relaxed
High level of patience
Emotionally steady
Well-balanced and consistent
Often hide what they really feel
Able to absorb a lot of criticism
At School
Even paced and steady
Avoids conflict with others
Peaceful and agreeable
Good under pressure
Good at mediating and resolving
Willing to support other's needs
Does not need a lot of recognition
As a Friend
Excellent listener
Very easy to get along with
Can take the bad with the good
Very fair and consistent
Pleasant and enjoyable to be around
When talking to Owls
Give them accurate facts and figures
Do not get too personal too soon
Acknowledge them
They love intelligent conversation and wit

When talking to Koalas
Be gentle in your approach with them
They would rather listen than talk
Take your time with them -- they are typically not in a hurry to get through something
Remember that they want to own their own power -- encourage and support them
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