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Cserpes going to America

BridgeBudapest project

Ágota Pfening

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Cserpes going to America

Going to America 17th May 2013
Ágota Pfening
BridgeBudapest Market Involvement to the society Key business areas Luminous goals Per-capita U.S.
milk consumption has fallen almost 30% since 1975 even as sales of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have risen. after surging 9.2% in 2011. Retail milk prices have risen only slightly in 2012 CONSOLIDATION
COST COMPARISON ongoing industry challenges
on the US dairy market due to Flavoured milk Yogurt Cream Ice Trudi
(Cserpes) NOT
on the dairy market BUT !!! GO !!! snack market to the Market
entry Cserpes should get its share from the snack time. Nutrious
snacking occasions
(51%) Mealtime
(19%) Healthy Snack
(33%) Morning energy Tasty PM meals Naturally nutritious Substantial Crunch These snacks are part of the morning routine, in addition to or in place of breakfast. Favored choices include yogurt, cereal, bagels, snack or cereal bars, and fruit. Foods eaten in addition to or in place of lunch or dinner. Usually consumed outside of the home, preferred choices include cheese, chips, sandwiches and hot snacks. Between breakfast and lunch, consumers want to reach for less processed foods like fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt and smoothies. Snacks in this category tend to be more filling, eaten in the afternoon to tide the consumer over until dinnertime. Popular choices include fruits, cereal, snack bars and nuts. Market niche Market Involvement to the society Key business areas Luminous goals What drives a company? Building deeper business ... ... with the society. They are aware of how their business impacts society
and how they engage with the communities in which they operate. Cserpes recognizes and responds
to the business needs & the needs of society. B 2 C usiness ommunity Need of US society Change If current patterns don't change, about half of all Americans will be obese by 2030. 30% of American people's calories come from snacks and many more choose from 20-30% more salted snacks alone in the last decade. 27 % of children's calories actually also come from snacks. Truly impact children's eating behavior. Take a 360-degree approach to health, extending healthy dairy products distributed in schools. Broad the choices of healthy snacks. Opt for fresh or dairy product with fruits and cereal. Less than 2% of the US population involved in farming today, many people have never seen dairy farm. Support small-scale dairy farms. Care for animals.
Help to build a flourish rural America producing safe, wholesome and nutritient-rich dairy product. B 2 C usiness ustomer Market Involvement to the society Key business areas Luminous goals Cserpes has fitting philosophy, vision and mission ... ... in its mind. Nothing is written ... ... but we (customers) know them. Therefore I asked 110 Cserpes customers in a questionnaire
how satisfied they are with Cserpes products,
what drives their satisfaction and
how Cserpes should improve. http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?sid=k3q1q8nji8zt7vz265726 84% of respondents are satisfied with Cserpes. 19% of respondents buy
Cserpes flavoured milk at least monthly. 47% of respondents buy
Cserpes yogurt at least monthly.
39% of respondents buy
Cserpes Trudi at least monthly. The customers' satisfaction is driven by ... Great taste Healthy and natural product Freshness Locally produced Fair trade The 3 main area to improve are ... Greener production Accessibility Wider range of products These results help to define the 's Vision Philosophy Mission on the US market. We stand for the balance of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. We oppose the standardization of taste and culture, and the unrestrained power of the food industry multinationals and industrial agriculture. We believe in the concept of recognition of the strong connections between plate, planet, people and culture. We dream about a community in which all people can access and enjoy dairy products that are good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.

We energize the local rural communities through embrace entrepreneurship in family owned farms and organic retailers. We provide a premier dairy product experience that promotes social connectedness. In our milk bars, we create an upbeat environment to enjoy our products which are made with the same social conscience in mind. We help parents realize their dreams in which their children have access for real, healthy, natural, great-tasting, fresh, local quality dairy food. We take the opportunity to redefine school food and shape the children's lives, and thus the future of the countries, for the better. Market Involvement to the society Key business areas Luminous goals Business Canvas for Cserpes The business model will be described along the main areas that define how it can create, deliver and capture value. Customer segments Target customer Target
market Children, Young demographic Living in towns High level of commitment
towards healthy nutrition Medium purchasing power "Children have never been very good at listening to adults but they have never failed to imitate them."
James Baldwin Health-conscious families Living in towns Willing to pay for a product
supporting local community Care about trustworthy origin of food California Resources available Takes action for health but
there is still room to improve 18-24% of population is estimated to be obese Value proposition Customer needs Community needs Accessibility we will go to the schools
we will deliver dairy products to door from farm Transparency we use certified resources we fulfill the principles of fair trade customers can visit open farms anytime Care about development of rural areas
about revival of community spirit in the milk bars
about spreading need for healthy life-style
about environment, animals' well-being
about sustainability Key partners Key partners are involved along the whole value chain of our company starting from the production over the transportation up to the distribution. produce our fresh dairy products in an ecological way providing the basis for a healthy life of children In order to bring our dairy products to our target customers, the partners handling our distribution channels are key. In schools, they have to be addressed in order to gain their acceptance and support for a change of the nutrition of the children have to be made aware of our products and its unique selling propositions;

have to create the atmosphere for consuming our products;

close partnership is very important to send a consistent and clear message
to our customers They are our source to create a website which is clear, attractive and easy to understand for our customers. They also have to set up trustworthy and secure internet payment methods such as PayPal. Key resources Clearly, our key resources are our key partners. Our business model and our goal to improve the health of children cannot be achieved without them. In addition, financial resources have to be secured especially in the ramp-up phase, for the e-commerce system, the selling cars and also promotional activities. Channels The company has four selling channels with different purposes. Schools are mainly a marketing tool in order to raise the awareness among the children, teachers and also parents. Online sale to secure an easy access for customers to order our products. Selling cars combine an excellent and visual marketing tool with the flexibility of selling our products at various locations Milk bars possess own management and employees
sell the products at the right price and with the accurate marketing Revenue streams There are three revenue streams for the company. Schools Online sale Milk
bars Close management Revenue streams: cash transfers.
This will create the need for efficient and safe cash handling Revenue streams: via credit card and PayPal
Secured data flow needed Revenue streams: incomes from the point of sale and the selling cars
Transparent settlement system controlled by the management The revenue streams are very different
therefore is required an efficient and close management. Competitors There is no other company who would have the same holistic view as we. INDUSTRIAL
MILK FACTORY mass production

cows produce 3 times more milk than 200 years ago

dairy cows live 5 years only

selective breeding, computerized feeding

antibiotics and other chemicals in the milk family-owned dairies

preserve the land where they live and work

protecting the air and water they share

providing the best care for their cows SMALL-SCALE
DAIRY FARMS Customer relationship Phase 1 Enjoy it! Share it! Each marketing phase independently focuses on different combinations of relationships with the customer. Get
to know! Phase 2 Phase 3 Customers can visit the family and cows producing their milk. Open farm Milk bar Customers get to know and test the products. School programs Students learn about healthy life-style, animals and farming. Nothing can replace our investments in relationships so we encourage you to come in, enjoy healthy products. Milk bar Products Design Nothing can replace the investments in relationships so we encourage customers to come in and enjoy healthy products! Flavoured
milk Cserpes
Trudi Yogurt Choose flavor!
Choose nuts!
Choose cereals!
Choose toppings! Ice Cream NEW!!! Vintage milk bottle from PMAA Customizable bottle caps Submit a flavor idea, draw your own face, take a photograph with friends! Share the FUN Share the RESPONSIBILITY Cserpes should not enter to the US milk market due to the lack of potentials. Thank you for watching
I hope you liked from Frozen Yogurt Rural farmers Employees in milk bars Directors and teachers Web designers and IT experts - ranked 22 out of 50 states in 2012
based on efforts put on healthy life-style - among the top 5 dairy states Keep your bottle and we refill it with fresh yogurt for 66% of the original price. US milk market If not milk,
what else then ? US -
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