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Gradable and Ungradable adjectives

No description

Valentina Bonilla

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Gradable and Ungradable adjectives

Non-gradable Adjectives
Adjectives definition
Adjectives describe qualities (characteristics) of nouns.
Gradable Adjectives
A gradable adjective can be used with "grading adverbs" that vary the adjective's grade or intensity.
Example Sentences
A non-gradable adjective can be used with non-grading adverbs, which usually just give the adjective extra impact

absolutely, utterly, completely, totally, nearly, virtually, essentially, mainly, almost
Non-Gradable Adjectives
- Her exam results were absolutely awful. She will have to take the exam again.

- Is there anything like it in the world? It must be virtually unique.

- It starts an essentially chemical reaction.
Adjectives that can be gradable and non-gradable
Some adjectives may have more than one meaning or sense. It's possible for the same adjective to be gradable with one sense and non-gradable with another sense
Example Sentences
Gradable Adjectives

- My teacher was very happy with my homework.

- That website is reasonably popular. But this one is more popular.

- He said that France was a little cold and Denmark was rather cold. But Sweden was the coldest.
Gradable and Non-gradable adjectives
grading adverbs

a little, dreadfully, extremely, fairly, hugely, immensely, intensely, rather, reasonably, slightly, unusually, very
gradable adjectives
angry, big, busy, clever, cold, deep, fast, friendly, good, happy, high, hot, important, long, popular, rich, strong, tall, warm, weak, young
non-grading adverbs
non-gradable adjectives
EXTREME: awful, excellent, terrified
ABSOLUTE: dead, impossible,unique
CLASSIFYING: chemical, digital, domestic
- He's got a very old car.
- I saw my old boyfriend yesterday.
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