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Victoria Travis

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Education


Would multilingual programs be the most effective way to diminish communication barriers?

To what extent should programs encouraging multilingualism be implicated to diminish communication barriers?

Each state/region adds specific classes for students to learn their native tongue and another language.
Highly dense locations can build multilingual schools for students.
Budgeting money to help pay for schools and teachers
Loss of arts programs

Millions of children in nations around the world enter classrooms each year unable to speak the same language as the teacher.

Limits occupational opportunities or success in school

Problems could be solved

There are currently 300,000 non English speaking students in Florida. (ELL)

ESOL programs-Trapping Students

The school system believes after two years of instruction that the student should be fluent in English.

Over 50% of students who dropped out did not speak the language in which they were being educated.

An adequate interpreter may not always be available, there could be confusion in court, crimes may go unreported.
Maryland Court case involving the brutal murder of three children alone in
their apartment with the accused assailants. The victim’s parents became confused and needed special attention to understand legal issues. They were wondering if the subjects fully understood their legal rights. Interpreters during the trial became frustrated due to lengthy and confusing questions from attorneys.

English can be implemented as a global language and taught as a second language in countries that do not already have English as the official language.

Therefore children around the world will be learning two languages.

A law that students in the United States will be fluent in English and at least one more language in order to graduate.

Ease the communication barrier

•Schools teach similar curriculum/ have similar educational requirements

•Having laws in place that require schools to teach a second language will assure the fact that students will be bilingual or know at least two languages.

•Producing more bilingual and multilingual

•Non native speakers that try to get jobs away from home will have to learn the native language on their own.

•Tax payers would determine how much money would go to the federal education budget.


Many options to pursue learning another language, such as online software like Rosetta Stone encourage multilingualism.

The court systems are not properly equipped to meet the needs of limited English proficient individuals.
More possible language opportunities than those given by the government or state.

Easier to manage

Lack of motivation
No proper teacher
No Implication

Does not help at all; loss of culture

Does help; lessens the communication gap

They're going to learn it anyway.

◦Their children grow up bilingual, speaking one language at home and another at school and eventually at work.

◦The next generation grows up with only a little bit of the language.


•Less money spent on multilingual programs

•Preservation of culture

•Continued communication barriers

The most drastic cuts would be in the poorest districts.
Visual arts classes - 87% to 83%
Drama classes 20% to 4%
Those who have the global language as their mother-tongue will be more able to think and work quickly in it, they can manipulate it to their own advantage (linguistic power)

Make all other languages unnecessary

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Victoria Travis
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