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Money and Time Management

How to manage your time and money more efficently

itzel lara

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Money and Time Management

Time and Money Management How to manage your time
and money more wisely. ABC's of Time Management Scheduling We are always busy with school and work and it's hard to find a balance between both. Some of us also happen to have kids. Having a Schedule helps deal with those problems. Here's how a schedule can help. Schedules don't work for you? Try this out! :D To do List
Reminders and Sticky notes
Invent your own idea for managing your time
Use technology in your favor Thank you! A priorities:
tasks related to your life time goals. (ex. studying, homework, school.)

B priorities:
task you have to do but are not related to your life time goals. (ex. waking up, sleeping, buying groceries, taking a shower.)

C priorities:
task that can be post poned and have no harmful effects. (ex. washing your clothes, going shopping, hanging out with friends, calling your girlfriend/boyfriend) helps you get started on work
avoids procrastination
relieves pressure
helps find time to study
frees mind of details
eliminates the stress and panic of doing things last minute
helps find time for recreation and excersise A schedule: Divide and Conquer
Do the first small Step
The 80/20 Rule
Aim for excellence, NOT Perfection
Make learning fun by finding a Reward
Take a Break
Study in Library
Learn to say NO sometimes Tricks to Time Management Time Bandits are all those things that keep us from the things we think are important. We all have different type of Time Bandits but here are some ways to deal with them: Time Bandits Schedule time for other people
Remember rewards
Use your Time Wisely
Remind yourself about priorities
Use a schedule
Procrastination we all do it! Even if you say you don't you do or have at some point. But why do we wait till the last minute to do things? here are some reason why we do. Why Do We Procrastinate? Fear of failure
Fear of success
Need for excitement
Excellence without effort
Loss of control Here are the simple ways to avoid procrastination: Avoiding Procrastination Select a goal
Visualize your progress
Be mindful of self-sabotage
Stick to time limits
Don't wait until you feel like it
Overcome excuses and focus one step at a time
Be flexible about your goal
Reward yourself for progress
IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT Use budget to track income and expenses
Have a financial plan
Save 10% of income
DON'T take on too many DEBTS
DON'T PROCRASTINATE Becoming Financially Secure! We all want to be financially secure and hope to one hit it big at the lottery. But lets face it that won't happen anytime soon. Instead try following this tips below: To keep it from doing this you need to:
Monitor your spending
Prepare a budget
Beware credit and intrest
Watch your spending leaks Budgeting is the key to money management. It is important to control your money rather than it controling you.
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