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Vacsr in assessment

Examine concepts of validity, authenticity, currency, sufficiency and reliability in assessment

Debb Bouch

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Vacsr in assessment

Validity Face validity

Content validity

Construct validity

Predictive validity

Validity through
authenticity "Because only the measurable can be reliably assessed, much of importance is usually ignored by the assessment process - and therefore, all too often, by the teaching process. Both teachers and students tend to the pragmatic view: 'If it's not assessed - ignore it'. And so the assessment tail is rightfully accused of wagging the dog."
Geoff Petty, Teaching Today, 2009 Currency Authenticity Reliability Sufficiency Face validity Does it assess what you intended it to assess?

Skills, competencies, knowledge? Content validity How does it cover the content of the course?

All of course?

Adequate sample?

Only topics that have been covered in the course? Construct validity Is it appropriate for the learning programme?

Practical as well as theoretical? Predictive validity Does it tell us and anyone else about future performance?

Either to predict future results or to be able to apply the skill, competence or knowledge? Assessments that mirror workplace Everyday practice? Is the work the learners own? Equipment current?

Environment realistic?
(or actual workplace? Plagiarisation

Fabrication of evidence Consistency Will it always work the same way?

For learners?

For markers?

Reliability checklist Grade/mark is reliable - 2nd marking, anonimity...

Learners quality of work and marked grade is consistent - marking schemes, criteria

Learners grades/marks are the same regardless of when or where they are assessed

Language of assessment is clear, unambiguous and inclusive

Assessment will not be affected by the environment - distractions, environmental conditions

Learners will not have been coached... How much evidence is needed to demonstrate competence? How many times does a competency have to be demonstrated? Is the assessment appropriate now?

Does it use current regulations?

Does the qualification lapse?
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