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No description

Andrew Welenc

on 28 September 2010

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Transcript of snooZeliminator

snooZeliminator Four step process Sunrise Simulation
Epidermal Invigoration
Auditory Response What is it? PROBLEMS Sleep Inertia
Snooze Button Reliance
Drowsy Driving
High Caffeine Consumption
Lack of time in a time poor society Competitive Advantages Patent
Advantages Marketing Target Market
Communication Channels
Challenges/Barriers Manufacturing Outsourcing
Distribution Channels Financials Getting Started
Risks Involved
Price: $70.99-$91.99
Predictions Light on the clock gradually gets brighter

Illuminates the room and stops brain from producing melatonin Aroma cartridge sprays into the air
Smell reaches the olfactory membrane in nose
Sends signals to the limbic portion of the brain to effect memory, moods and emotions.
Helps user wake up feeling happy and in a good mood Occur simultaneously.
AR will gradually get louder within 35 seconds.
Sound most common form of waking up.
EI is a light mist that sprays into the air directly above the user, gently falling onto their skin.
It stimulates skin receptors. Just recently has a new idea taken hold: Sunrise Simulation 12 minutes before the desired wake-up time.  Aromatherapy 3 minute intervals starting 9 minutes before the desired wake up time.  Auditory Response and Epidermal Invigoration Desired time of awakening. Waking up shouldn't be so abrupt, it should be more of a progression. Back Front Do you hit the snooze button Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Designed around four of the five senses to effectively wake up the user.  Target Market The tech savvy generation Y (~ ages 14-34).
This group understands technologies involved with our alarm clock
Utilize alarm clocks to wake up more often than the older and younger generations. 78% of the respondents press the snooze button one or more times every morning which proves the ineffectiveness of their current alarm systems.
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