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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

No description

Sarah Heyman

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Home Life
Born May 1, 1881 in Orcines, France
His parents were Emmanuel Teilhard and Berthe de Dompiere
He was fourth of 11 siblings
He was raised a Roman Catholic
His father introduced science to him at a young age
Studies: Scientific, Religious, and Otherwise
He was a Jesuit paleontologist
Studied at the University of Paris and earned a degree in science.
Studied at the seminary to become a Jesuit priest
Continued interest in science and religion for years to come
Science Meets Catholicism
He realized in his studies that religion and science are often disassociated, he did not understand this
He saw ways for religion and science to fit together perfectly, one could not see the whole picture without both sides
He was denied the opportunity to teach because one side or another opposed his opinions and findings
His writings were denied publication many times
Saintly Until Death
What's Going On?
June 1885 - France gifted The Statue of Liberty to the USA
Period containing a large focus on art, specifically oil paintings and sculptures
World War I
World War II
His ideas on science and religion allowed Catholics to study science without the conflict of religion.
It allowed for science to come easier because of religion. His ideas have influenced many religious scholars especially in modern times.

His death came peacefully on Easter Sunday in his sleep at his home in New York
Published Works
The Divine Milieu (1927)
The Vision of the Past (1935)
Building the Earth (1937)
The Phenomena of Man (1940)
The Future of Man (1941)
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