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UTS Insearch

No description

Joan Lau

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of UTS Insearch

The colour of inspiration, intelligence, sincerity, creativity.
It produces calming effect.
It also symbolizes for trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.
What we like
Ground Floor
Classroom & Teacher
The classes are small which allow for interactive discussion with my classmates, helping to broaden perspective, and learn from the other students.
China Town
Why blue ??
Facilities & Services
Teachers are friendly, enthusiastic, experience, and due to the limited size of classroom, we can receive plenty of assistance and support in times of need.
We have a wide range of facilities locate at each floor.
Prince Center (PC)
Level 2, 8 Quay street, Haymarket
There are some classrooms, proving for both Foundation and Diploma students and one small student area inside this building
Address: 191 Thomas street, Haymarket.
How about CPSU Building??
Another Insearch life
I had the opportunities to meet many
people from different backgrounds,
giving me a chance to learn new language.
We experienced in how to present well, engage to the audience and build up our confidence, as we did many presentations
It also helps us to gain our time management skills and how to conduct an experiment.
Build up skills
UTS:INSEARCH gave us a chance to learn many skills, particularly academic skills that offer an advantage over other students.
Understanding various religion's culture and custom can improve our knowledge, contribute to strength my communication, and enhance the capability of cross- cultural communication

My own experience
Main campus: Blue building
Sydney's best attraction such as Chinatown, Sydney Opera House, etc are all closeby
Students who complete the Foundation and Diploma programs in UTS:Insearch can get their path to UTS
The learning assistance tutorials help to get risk of struggling in any assignments.
The Academic Advisers available to council us when we faced any struggles within and outside the campus.
assist you with all matters related to your studies
course information, payments,
student cards and class attendance
Immigration and visa concerns
Academic, personal and social issues

There are lockers in 2nd floor and 5th floor for students to safeguard their belongings.
More than 600 computers with high-speed wireless Internet are available for students (in bb, prince center & PSU), in addition to the facilities at UTS.
Printers and Photocopy machines
Students can access different computers to print out the materials
Computer Labs
There are 4 microwaves and a fridge in every lounge. So, students can enjoy their break, relax with friends and have lunch.
, there are some computers for students to study, research and discuss group work.
Blue building (bb) Lv 2 & 5 - Student Lounge

Grab a small meal with special prize for Insearch students and staffs
Collect a cup of Cappuchino coffee

Coffee shop
There is the Learning Centre in level 4, consisting of numerous English books, and computers
It opens from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
A place where students can find information about:
payment and fee-help
domestic and international students
examinations and results
and all the information relate to courses at UTS
Student center

Insearch students have the same priority of UTS students. Library is available for Insearch students to stud and work on assignment.
Besides, finding books in library, computers are also provided for students to researh.
UTS Library
A peaceful place for study.
24 hours available, group study rooms, computers and bath rooms are provided
Other attractive aspect:
unlimited wi-fi and entertainment (TV) are provided
Everywhere is green (Relax, good for eyes)

Green Room
Prince Center
What make UTS:INSEARCH unique?
This institution also offers different options for career and future after graduating
Teaching method
UTS:INSEARCH provides university- level education needed for your university study and future career with additional support.
Activities Club
The UTS:INSEARCH Activities club is a student-led social group with lots of fun such as:
BBQ'S and party
Games day
Excursion to various other locations
Sport competition

It gives students the chance to go directly to their second year of studies in UTS, and provides the necessary academic skills to smoothly transit into UTS with minimal difficulties, since UTS:INSEARCH is the pathway provider to UTS.
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