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The Hero's Journey.

Comparing Arthas: Rise of the Lich King to Joseph Campbell's theory of the Monomyth.

Rani Blick Merta

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey.

By Rani B.M The Hero's Journey. Arthas Menethil lives in Lodaeron with his Father King Terenas Menethil, his mother Queen Lianne Menethil and sister Calia. He lives out his everyday life here. Arthas spends his time in classes, riding his horse Invincible and doing other prince like tasks. He is also visited by many nobles and important members of the Alliance. Arthas also spends time in church and with the knights of the silver hand in hope that Arthas would become a paladin and join the order when he grows up.
During this time the Alliance were at war with the Horde and led to the fall of Stormwind (a major human city.) Lodaeron became home to the king of Stormwind and others seeking refuge. Undercity lies under the castle and is a dungeon of sorts, Arthas also saw creatures go down there. Escape from the Undercity was thought to be impossible until the leader of the Horde was locked up and escaped. It was here where Arthas received his call to adventure. Ordinary World Arthas Menethil's call to adventure could be when he became a paladin in the order of the silver hand. Arthas had to step up and be responsible and do everything for the people and participate in many things and train for hours everyday.
I belive Arthas Menethil's first true call to adventure was to find the escaped Orc Thrall. Thrall was extremely powerful and dangerous and Arthas had been given compete leadership in finding him.
Through out the story Arthas has a few call to adventures. War broke loose and rumors of an undead plague started to spread. With many soldiers at war Arthas was to lead the investigation. this could be another call to adveture. Being a Prince he is
always ready for a call to adventure. Call to Adventure. In the case of Arthas Menethil he met his mentors at a young age.
Muradin Bronzebeard was his first mentor and trained him day and night to be able to fight. this all happened before the call to adventure, so not in the particular order that is stated in the monomyth.
Uther the Light Bringer was Arthas's second mentor. Uther trained Arthas when he joined the order of the silver hand. Uther mentored Arthas before and throughout some of the time Arthas was experiencing the call to adventure, so again it is out of order with the monomyth but still applies to Arthas's story. Arthas was with Uther when he experienced the crossing of the threshold. Meeting the Mentor This can be seen when Arthas travels north to investigate the rumors of an undead plague. Before reaching the city of Andorhal Arthas and his men came across a farming town. When no one replied to the call of the prince Arthas went investigating in one of the houses to find hideous creatures that were once the villagers. This was when Arthas and everyone new the plague was real and extremely dangerous, this was when the world that Arthas grew up in changed and becaome a place of danger.

A crossing the threshold of sorts can also be seen later in the story where Arthas travels to Nothrend in hope of finding something to end the plague. Nothrend is a different continent and has not yet been widely explored. Crossing the Threshold. Allies,Enemies and Tests. Approach. Ordeal, Death and Rebirth Ordinary World. Ordinary World. Special World Reward, Seizing the sword. Return with the Elixir. In 1994 writer Joseph Campbell wrote a book called; The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which described Campbell's theory of the monomyth. The monomyth suggests that a lot of stories follow the same basic pattern. This pattern follows a hero through their journey. I will be comparing the monomyth with the story of Arthas Menethil a character from World of Warcraft to prove the myth is true, but can be in different order and not always contain every step. The Monomyth. Arthas Menethil had been ready his whole life to be called to adventure so the refusal of the call is not seen in this story. Arthas also grew up with many of the people who give him a call to adventure, like his menotrs. Refusal of the Call Arthas: Rise of the Lich King follows Arthas Menethil, a young prince in Azeroth. The story follows Arthas as he grows and face challenges like the 1st,2nd and 3rd wars. Then the scourge hits. Horrible mutilations attack and taint food supplies leaving devastation in their path. Arthas must find Frostmourne an ancient rune blade if he has a chance of defeating the scourge and returning Azeroth to safety. The Lich King lives in Northrend and is the leader of the scourge and extremely powerful.
There are many themes in Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. The themes which are present through the whole story are grief and loss. Arthas's horse Invincible dies in a riding accident, Stormwind falls, he looses the love of his life, many people he loved dies like his father and Mauradin Bronzebeard and he eventually looses himself (which will not be discussed in this investigation.). The themes of friendship and loyalty are also disscussed in the story, loyalties are tested at the culling of Stratholme. These themes are important for the growth and developent of the charecter Arthas. These themes make Arthas's thirst for revenge greater and make it easier for him to be lead down the path of evil (also not disscussed in this investigation.). These themes also make your emotions towards the story greater. This story is based on a character from the game World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King and is based on the lore and stories of the game. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King Basic model of The Hero's Journey. Arthas Menethil has many allies seeing that he is the Prince of Lordereaon. He is aided by the knights of the silver hand, the Alliance's army and his friend and once girlfriend Jaina Proudmore. Jaina and Arthas visited each other many times when they were young and fell in love, Arthas had to end their relationship due to his duties as a prince but their love is ever present throughout the story.
Arthas may have the whole Alliance on his side but he has the Horde as his enemies especially the Orcs as he has encounted them many times throughout his life. Arthas also meets Kel'Thuzad an archmage working for the Lich King and Mal'Ganis pozing as the Lich King to trick Arthas, theese are his biggest enemies.
Arthas faces multiple tests. being prince and a paladin he must do what he can to serve the kingdom and is always trying to help. One of the biggest test Arthas faces is when he is investigating the plague. Arthas reached the city of Stratholme and was faced with the reality that all the people living there had been infected by the scourge but had not yet turned into the undead. Arthas had to choose between waiting for them to turn or culling the second biggest city in Lodearon. After many encounters with Mal' Ganis and Kel'Thuzard Arthas decides to travel to Northrend, the home of the Lich king and the creator of the plague. Arthas hopes that he will find something there to end the plague. When Arthas arrives he is faced with blistering cold and many undead creatures. He also finds Mauradin Bronzebeard his old mentor who is trying to find the ancient runeblade Frostmourne, Arthas hopes this powerful sword will help end the plague. Arthas And Mauradin found frostmourne hidden in a hidden cavern. Frostmourne was guarded by elemental spirits in which Arthas had to fight to get to Frostourne. Then Mauradin found an ancient inscription which was a warning, Froustmoune was cursed but this did not stop Artahs. As Arthas tried to remove Frostmourne from its icy coffin it cracks and sends shards of ice flying everywhere one of which hit and killed Mauradin Bronzebeard. After the shock of Mauradins death Arthas takes frostmourne and is hit with cold that spread throughout his body and brought imense pain to Arthas but then subsided. Arthas had found Frostmourne and could finaly save his people.
This all happens at once so not quite correct with the monomyth. The Road Back After obtaining Frostmourne Arthas has to find his way back to where his ships where docked. On arrival Arthas was faced with his men fighting against the plague. His men where not winning the fight once fallen many had been turned into the undead and attacked their old allies. It is there where Arthas finds Mal'Ganis and finally gets his revenge. Once Arthas kills Mal'ganis they retake the fight and eventually made it safely back to Lodearon. Arthas returns and there is a massive celebration. Arthas now weilds the power to end the plague. He killed Mal'Gains who first brought the plague to the kingdom of Lordearon. Now with Frostmourne he could remove the plague from his lands for good. conclusion As you can see the story of Arthas Menethil follows the basic pattern of the monomyth but does not experience all the parts that the monomyth states. Arthas's story also is not in the same order that is present in the monomyth. The Kingdom of Lodaeron. Prince Arthas Menethil. The Lich King and Frostmourne Bibliography Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden
www.a. imageshack.us
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