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Copy of Copy of Copy of Omegle Game

No description

Ch Tr

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Omegle Game

Level 3
Stand Up + 20 points
Slap Your Ass (pants on) + 40 points
Show Cleavage + 40 points
Squeeze Boobs + 40 points
Twerk!! + 20 Points
Level 4
Show Tummy + 80 points
Show Booty + 80 points
Show Bra + 80 points
Show Panties + 80 points
Matching Set + 100 bonus pts
level 1

Smile + 10 points
Wave + 10 points
Wink + 10 points
Peace Sign + 10 points
Strike a pose + 10 points
Level 2
You're Doing Great!
Level up!
Stick Out Tongue + 20 points
Blow A Kiss + 20 points
Duck Face + 20 points
Bite Your Lip + 40 points
Suck A Finger + 40 points

Level up!
Looking good!
Level Up!
60 Bonus Points!
How to Play..
Each level has things you can do for points

The more things you do, the more points you get!!

See if you can beat today's high score....
The Omegle Game

Type "
to start the game
(It´s getting hot in here!)
140 Bonus Points!

Take Off Shirt +100 Points
Take Off Pants +100 Points
Take Off Bra +100 Points
Take Off Panties +100 Points
Completely Naked Bonus! +250 Points
Do A Sexy Dance +200 Points
Fingers In Pussy +300 Points
Bonus for each finger +50 Each
Spread Pussy +350 Points
Object in Pussy +400 Points
Fingers In Ass +500 Points
Bonus for each finger +100 Each
Spread Ass +400 Points
Object in Ass +600 Points

Level 5
Level Six
Masturbate + 200 points
Use Object + 200 points
Cum + 200 points
Squirt + 250 points
Ass Play + 250 points
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