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eCore @ ABAC

Quick Start Guide and Overview

Nicholas Urquhart

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of eCore @ ABAC

What is eCore? eCore - short for electronic core-curriculum - allows University System of Georgia (USG) students the opportunity to complete the first two years of their collegiate careers in an online environment. eCore courses are taught entirely online, except for the occasional proctored exam. eCore courses are designed, developed, taught and supported by faculty and staff from the USG. eCore is a convenient and adaptable option for either getting started in college, taking a class close to home during summer, or for resuming college after a break or pause. The core curriculum primarily consists of courses required during the first two years of college for a given degree. Not all core curriculum classes are available via eCore; you may need to take some core classes in a traditional classroom setting. sweet! Yes, Virginia, Those Classes will Transfer! Credits earned in eCore courses will transfer to institutions within the University System of Georgia and to most other colleges and universities. However, before registering for an eCore course, consult your campus advisor to determine if courses fit your chosen major’s program of study. WIN! Affordable Tuition Rate Tuition for eCore classes is $189 per credit hour. This tuition rate is the same for both Georgia resident and non-resident students. Additional expenses include textbooks, course materials, and test proctoring charges. eCore only students are charged the institutional and technology fee. Convenience and Flexibility eCore is designed to expand a student's educational experiences independent of time, location, and physical boundaries. Although eCore classes are taught on the Internet, they are not like independent study or self-paced courses where students work by themselves or at their own pace. Each eCore course has a syllabus and schedule to follow. Instructors specify the content to be covered in the course, dates for exams and quizzes, individual and group assignments and other activities that students must complete by a particular date. Courses follow the traditional academic semester calendar; therefore, students cannot start and stop classes at any time. Students also are expected to participate in the course on a regular basis and interact with the instructor and other students in the course. Participation is defined by the instructor, and typically includes completing assignments, working on group projects, taking exams, and posting email comments. The eCore classes are very similar to traditional on-campus classes, with the exception that the courses are taught on the Internet. Wordy, but informative! Getting Started with eCore Current ABAC Students Step 1 - Meet with your Academic Advisor Step 2 - eCore Online Orientation and Quiz Work with your regular academic advisor. A list of eCore classes can be found in the class search function and are highlighted yellow. Before you can register for an eCore course, you must first complete the eCore Online Orientation and quiz. The link to the orientation page can be found at http://www.abac.edu/ecore Step 3 - ABAC Registration Log into your Banner Web account and register for your eCore courses New ABAC Students Step 1 - Admission to ABAC Please visit the ABAC Admissions website and follow the steps to Admission. Once you are admitted to ABAC, you will be eligible to register for eCore courses. http://www.abac.edu/admissions Step 2 - ABAC and eCore Advisement Taking eCore and on-campus courses - Sign up for New Student Orientation or Transfer Orientation. http://www.abac.edu/orientation
Taking only eCore classes - Contact the ABAC eCore advisors: Academic Support Counselors
ecore@abac.edu Step 3 - eCore Online Registration and Quiz Before you can register for an eCore course, you must first complete the eCore Online Orientation and quiz.
You will receive follow-up registration instructions: http://ecore.usg.edu/prospective/orientation/abac Step 4 - ABAC Registration Log into your Banner Web account and register for your eCore courses. New students taking bothe eCore and on-campus classes will register during Orientation. Step 5 - Watch for your Welcome Letter The eCore welcome and registration letter contains login instructions and information on purchasing your textbooks. Watch for this letter which will be emailed to your ABAC email address beginning two weeks before classes start. This letter contains information on how to login, how to purchase textbooks, how to get help, and other important course information. It is important for you to try your login information BEFORE classes start, and that you make arrangements to have your course materials available BEFORE classes start. Super Important Helpful Information First Day of Classes It is VERY important that you log into your eCore courses on the FIRST DAY of class and make contact with your Instructor. Academic Calendars ABAC's academic calendar is different than eCore's academic calendar. Meaning that drop/add, withdrawal, midterm, and final exam dates will be different. Be sure to familiarize yourself with both calendars, especially if you are taking both eCore and on-campus classes. Textbooks The eCore textbooks typically are not found in the campus bookstore. Be sure to order your books in time for the start of classes. Here is a link to the eCore Online Bookstore -- MBS Direct:
http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/ecore.htm Contact / Questions ? Academic Support Counselors
229.391.4995 Click Fullscreen press 'esc' when done Common Questions and Answers 1. Can my advisor help me sign up for these? a. Yes, but eCore is new and so, advisors may not be as familiar with them. Go to an ASC if your advisor is hesitant. Option 1: Texts are listed on the eCore website and your class website. Books are ordered online through the eCore website. Some students choose to rent the books, too. Option 2: The ABAC bookstore can order your books for a nominal fee of $5.00. Excess financial aid can be used to purchase eCore books (assuming your financial aid has been completed). 2. How do I get textbooks? 3. Transfer issues with online science classes. a. Be aware that if you transfer to another school, some institutions require an additional exam to take any future science classes-they may value in-class work more 4.What will my eCore classes be like exactly? v.Your instructor will not always be an ABAC professor iv.eCore classes are designed to be similar but each professor can take their own philosophy for the class- some are very detailed with specific due dates and time lines, while others just require work completion by specific deadlines, but not very detailed deadlines. iii.Communication classes may require you tape your speeches and then post them for the class to see ii.Lots of the work is in the format of discussions- be ready to engage with fellow students, even if you can’t see them i.Most of the work will be online- some classes require at least 1 proctored exam, which means you may be going to a physical campus just once dyuring the semester Depending on the subject, each class format will be a little different, however they all have some things in common:
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