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SGT. Capz

No description

Gerald Picott

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of SGT. Capz

Caps on Caps on Caps
(and any other style you desire) Sargent Capz Start-up Costs $25,000 to buy hats from thrift stores, eBay, lids, yard sales, anywhere that sells hats that are in good enough shape to be resold. Marketing fliers
social media profiles (tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram)
business cards
wear hats that we have acquired to show our physical products
check other prices of different styles of hats in the market and adjust our prices accordingly. Payments, deliveries Paypal will be used to take payments
USPS flat rate boxes will be used to ship our products
orders will only be shipped after payment is received Profit Profit will be from customers paying for our hats.
5% of profits will go towards St.Judes cancer research. Sgt. Capz Gerald Picott
Tyler Watzin
Devon King
Maxwell Sollod We will use these funds to buy different styles of hats such as snapbacks, strapbacks, bucket hats, fedoras,59/50 New Eras, beanies, winter hats. Our profits will come from the products that sell, a percentage of what we collect will be used to purchase more hats for our business.
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