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Weathering and Soil Erosion

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on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Weathering and Soil Erosion

Weathering and Soil Erosion

Causes: Rocks Expand, Cracks in sidewalks, Rocks in a riverbed are scraped by moving objects in the water
Erosion- Process by which weathered rock and soil particles are moved from one place to another

Agents of Erosion:

Major agent of erosion in hot, dry climate
- Pulls rocks and soil down slopes
Running Water
- Water is more power than wind to move particles when water moves faster, erosion is better.
- Have a capacity to carry HUGE rock, piles of debrisover great distance; scratch/grind the surface

Two Types of Weathering
Mechanical- Rocks are broken into smaller pieces but their chemical
makeup does not change

Chemical- chemical makeup of rocks is changed as rocks are broken
Causes: Combines with mineral to make new mineral

Weathering- Breaking down of rocks and other materials on the earth's surface.
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