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Middle Ages Test Project

No description

Alycia Davidson

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Middle Ages Test Project

Middle Ages Fuedalism was a system of government used in the middle ages. The kings or lords owned land, but vassals held it in return for their loyalty. The landowners were nobles, like barons and princes. They gave land to their vassals. In return, vassals promised to follow the landowner's laws and to fight for them. Fuedalism The Collapse of Rome The collapse of the Roman Empire led directly to the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages lasted from about the 5th century to about the 15th century. People lived in feudalism for protection. Peasants and serfs were poor people who made their living as farmers and laborers. All the work on the manors was done by peasants and serfs. The difference between peasants and serfs is that serfs were bound to the manor but peasants were allowed to leave if they wished. Peasants and serfs The Church The church had so much power in the Middle Ages because if you weren't involved with the church, then no one would talk to you and you would not go to heaven. It also had power because it was there for everything. I believe that the church did abuse their powers because if people were not involved with the church then they couldn't do very much and they wouldn't be treated the same and I think that they should have been treated like everyone else. People moved out of the cities in the middle ages because they became unsafe to live in. People moved back later on for trade. Two problems that cities in the middle ages faced were that it was unsafe to travel and it was unsafe to trade. The crusades were a series of military campaigns led by the Roman Catholic church. I think that the crusades had a good purpose because they were trying to get control of the Holy Land. The Crusades Positive results of the crusades include new inventions like the magnetic compass and popular goods, creating more trade. Western Europe was better off under Feudalism because it was more safe and protective than it was under Roman control. I also know that in the Late Middle Ages, the Reanissance began.
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