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Students Being Allowed to Leave School for Lunch

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Hannah Ochinegro

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Students Being Allowed to Leave School for Lunch

Our Problem
We believe that students should be able to have the option to leave school and go home for lunch. Most of our parents were allowed to leave school for lunch. Why shouldn't we? We are convinced that students would not have such a strong dislike for school if students had the option to leave for an hour.
Our Proposition:
Now our proposition would only be for seniors and juniors since they would have a way to leave and come back. Under class men such as sophomores and freshmen would not be able to leave the school. Juniors and seniors who have a B average will be able to spend 3A and 3B out of school if they would like. This is a privilege and it shouldn't be abused. If a student returns late to class, they will lose this privilege and receive a detention.
Students are able to gain a higher sense of responsibility
Students will have access to healthier, more filling meals
It would be a privilege as well as something to look forward too
Less students would dread going to school
If a student forgets their lunch at home they would be allowed to go out and get something they enjoy rather then lunch room food

Leaving school is a safety hazard
Time is limited
The students may leave trash outside and the residents would not be happy
Liability reasons
May cause more trouble than its worth
Can cause security issues (but now, luckily we wear our IDs around our neck at all times )
Rules to be able to Leave:
Students must be cooperative
The student and parent would have to read and sign a contract to agree to these terms
A student cannot be late or their privilege would be revoked and they would receive a detention
Must participate in an after school activity
To the Board of Education:
This particular contract must be signed by the student and their legal guardian(s). They must agree to all of the terms that is within the contract. Students will not be given more than one contract. It is up to the student whether they keep it or lose it. When the contract is signed by both student and legal guardian(s), they can hand it in to the front office.
Our Opinion:
We think that this would be a beneficial idea for students. As fellow students, we know how boring school can be. This is a great way for students to enjoy school and look forward to something good. We hope that the Board of Education can follow through our well put idea.
Our Goal:
Go out for Lunch!
Students Being Allowed to Leave School for Lunch
By: Hannah Ochinegro and Justine Thomas
Here is a petition that would be signed by students and teachers that will allow students to leave school for lunch. There would be at least a 100 signatures on the actual petition; however, the next slide is to show roughly what the petition would look like.

To the Board of Education:
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