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What is the Commission Church model?


Christopher Drury

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of What is the Commission Church model?

Churches who once had vibrant life are dwindling everywhere. Circle Church is not the only church that has lost significant attendance.
Things are changing arent they?
Today Christianity is the fastest growing religion on the Planet.....but not in The West.

In Europe beautiful temples are now faintly filled museums.
In 1990 Christians made up 85%
of The American population

Now Today Christianity has dropped to 67% of the U.S. population
18%, no big deal right??
Buckle Up!
Today 18-34 year olds are leaving The Church in droves
78% of this generation are Unchristian
65% of the previous percentage are
open to spirituality but will not attend
a church building...however
If you were to look only at the 18 to 23 year olds
they are less than...%
1% Christian
Below are some statistics
from The Barna Group and The
Guys The Church has
a BIG problem.
These numbers are a record low in
The west, and if the equation remains then we can get a glimpse of our future using current statistics

In 2 generations (4o years)
Christianity will move From

In 3 generations
It will shrink to

In 4 generations (80 yrs)
we are lucky if it is 4%
How did this happen?
In the 70's churches began focusing on a seeker sensitive model that focused on conversions and attendance

not producing disciples.

During the 60's 70 % of Christians
were considered to be discipled in basic Christian
principals and theology.
Today only 6% of Christians are
considered active participants in a church community and 87% of this number is 45+ years of age.
Is this seemingly bad news, really bad?
& They Will Never Be The Same
China will pass America as the worlds economic super power in 10-15 years
Although the market is on an upswing we will likely never see a surplus like we saw in the 90's.
People are now reinventing the "American Dream" and returning to a simple way of life. We are learning that less...is really more.
Things are changing. Especially in the Church.

Considering most of the populous was educated in basic theology this model made sense. However it was UNINTENTIONALLY a catalyst for the beginning of a mass exodus from church.


bUILDINGS: pEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD CHURCH BUILDINGS ANYMORE. Mega churches are laying off staff to pay their bills. Once churches lose their tax exempt status (which is coming soon). even churches that have buildings that are paid off will have to make dramatic cutbacks.
Staff: Church leadership is moving to a bivocational MODEL. Meaning there is no full time clergy.
Attendance: People simply do not want to go to church anymore.
All of These are Good and necessary steps in ressurecting the church found in Acts 2
However they are painful
What is Emerging

The Priesthood of all believers:
People no longer want to sit in church. They want hands on opportunities to change our world.

Buildings space is evolving:
bUILDINGS ARE NOW being used daily for worshiping through service and not worship services.

Intentional Community:
Small groups are gathering daily for prayer, communion and serving the community


"We have to chose between what is right, and what is easy"

Meaning we can risk everything and continue to progress in this ancient resurrection and "possibly" die soon, or we can continue to try to beat a dead horse and die slowly.

IN short priests we at the circle church have a choice. Do we risk dying on our feet or ultimately dying on our knees.
In short christendom is dying
But the church found in acts is finally being reborn
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