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Hindu Marriages

By: David and Emily 2nd period

second marriage

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Hindu Marriages

Background information on vivaha {marriage} THree interesting facts about hindu marriage marriage or as they call it vivaha is one of the most important hindu rites {ceromonies} the steps of the modern hindu marriage are often eleborate and have roots in ancient marriage practice The wedding can involve many detailed decorations, musicains; fancy costumes, horses and sometimes even elephants THe purpose of samskaras are that they honor a persons passage from one stage to the next families are involved in the marriage plans of their children by planning the day of the marriage and picking the bride or groom during a hindu marriage ceremony:
1.it is conducted by a priest in front of a sacred fire
2.THe two families gather around the fire forming a circle
3.THe families place uncooked rice on the couples heads, shoulders and laps
4.Then the priest sprinkles water on the couples heads and then they are married Brought to you by Hindu marraige
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