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13 Colonies

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Mahlee Crahan

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

13 Colonies
Connecticut Colony
The Connecticut Colony (originally known as the river colony) was founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker. This colony was later a place of a terrible war between the English and Pequot Indians known as the "Pequot War".
Delaware Colony Flag
John Winthrop founded the Massachusetts Colony in 1630. John was also the leader of the colony. It was originally called the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The word Massachusetts means, "great hill place."
Massachusetts Colony Pictures
The Maryland Colony was founded in 1632 by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, and other colonists. It was named after queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I.
Delaware was one of the first colonies on the Atlantic Coast of North America. Delaware was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit. Delaware was right next to Maryland.

Definiton: The 13 Colonies were
the first 13 colonies that were in
North America.

The Pennsylvania Colony was founded by William Penn in 1638. William Penn owned Pennsylvania and made a religious place. It was named after the last name of Sir William Penn and the Latin word for Woodland (Sylvania) combined.
The Georgia Colony was founded in 1732 by James Edward Oglethrope. It was named after King George II by Oglethrope and 21 other men. Him and the 21 other men created a charter to sell the Colony that they named after King George.
New Hampshire Colony
The New Hampshire Colony was founded by Captain John Mason in 1629. It was named after the English County where Mason was raised, Hampshire County.
New Jersey
The New Jersey Colony was founded in 1664 by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. The New Jersey Colony was one of the middle colonies along with New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
New York
The New York colony was founded in 1629 by Peter Minuit. New York was named after the Duke of York. The New York Colony was also called the "breadbasket colony" because one of their major crops was wheat.
North Carolina
North Carolina was founded in 1653 by the Virginia colonists. The word Carolina is derived from the Latin word for Charles, Carolus. John White was the father of the first born English baby in the "new world." Her name was Virginia Dare.
Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Colony was founded in 1636 my Roger Williams. Williams called it "Providence Plantation" and made it a place of religious freedom. It was named after the island of Rhodes.
South Carolina
The South Carolina Colony was founded by King Charles II in 1663. The name "Carolina" was from the Latin word for Charles. The colony was based off of agriculture that produced rice, cotton, cattle, indigo and tobacco.
The Virginia colony was founded in 1607 by John Smith and other colonists such as John Rolfe. Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth who was often known as the "Virgin Queen". It was the first English colony in the "new world."
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