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Odysseus Project

Odysseus Project

Jack Brown

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus Project

Is Odysseus a hero? Odysseus' key sayings Odysseus' Key Actions Thesis statement

-"I am Laerte's son, Odysseus." (page 1047 top line)

-"Odysseus, raider of cities." (page 1067 line 486)

-"Son of Laertes and the god of the old." (page 1068
line 622)

-"Great captain" (page 1068 line 632-633)

-"Odysseus master mariner and soldier." (page 1067 line 88) I believe Odysseus is a hero. He shows the reader he has bravery/he is a fine warrior, he is sensitive/cares for others, and has a strong level of intelligence. These are all characteristics I believe a hero portrays.

-"Yet I refused to, I wished to see the cave man" (page 1051 line 171) This shows us he has bravery, a very common characteristic of a hero.

-"And cheered my men along with battle talk to keep their courage up." (page 1056 line 326) I believe this shows the reader that Odysseus cares about others and thinks about what they must be going through, if he is trying to cheer his men up.

-"Unhappy spirit, I promise the barrow and the burial." (page 1067 line 610) Again I believe he cares for others if he is promising a spirit a proper burial and the barrow that should come with death. In the spirit's eyes, Odysseus would be considered a hero.

-"Odysseus returns to Cire's island" (page1071 at top)
This shows us that Odysseus made it through his hardships and ended up on Cire's island.

-"I told them nothing as they could do nothing. They would have dropped their ores again in panic, to roll for cover under the decking. Circe's biding against arms had slipped my mind , so I tied my cuirass and took up two heavy spears, then made my way along to the foredeck." (page 1074 line 785-790) This quote tells us several things about Odysseus: first off we know he thinks about his men, and how they will react in the future. Number two, he is an intelligent human being and can predict what will happen for both himself and his men. “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They're just braver 5 minutes longer.”
― Ronald Reagan "Those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action." Nicholas Cage

-Odysseus got a ride home (page 1097 line 1210)

-Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar (page 1098)
She does this so Odysseus can see who has been loyal while he has been away.

-Odysseus asks his son for help,(page 1093 line 1085) He knows he will be overtaken without help, the fact that he knows this and can some what admit it. This tells a lot about who he is and his character.

-Odysseus weeps for his hound (page 1096) This tells the reader that he considered what he must have gone through, being trained as a hunter and then being abandoned, and never reaching your full potential.

-Odysseus shoots Antonius (page 1107 line 1419) This shows not only the reader but also the characters in the story that Odysseus means business and wants the unfaithful people to leave his house.

-Odysseus kills all of the unfaithful people (page 1109 line 1480)

-Odysseus must prove to his wife that it is him and he does so by using the bed as an example that it is him. (page 1111 line:golden box on page) How Odysseus is described PARTI PART I PART II -"What evil wind blew in this PEST." (page 1097 line 1210)

-"You nosing rat." (page 1097 line 1213)

-"Son of Laertes and Gods of the old." (page 1090 line 1009)

-"Lithe and young she made him, ruddy with sun, his jawline clean, the beard no longe gray upon his chin." (page 1090 line 1019)

-"A beggar my looks." (page 1095 line 1123)

-"Athena lent him beauty, head to foot, She made him taller and massive, too, with crisping hair in curls like petals of wild hyacinth but all red-golden."(page 1111 line 1543, this is when Athena makes Odysseus look better again.) Odysseus's External and Internal Conflicts “The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”
Dalai Lama XIV “The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”
― Dalai Lama XIV By: Jack Brown PART II -"I marvel that they leave this hound to
lie here on a dung pile; he would have been a fine dog, from the look of him." (page 1096 line 1183)
This expresses to the reader that Odysseus does have feelings and feels sorrow for his hound.

-"If they make fun of me in my own court yard, let your ribs cage up, your springing heart, no matter what I suffer, no matter if they pull me by the heels or practice shots at me, to drive me out. Look on, hold down your anger." (page 1095 line 1124) Odysseus is talking to his son and trying to give him advice, I believe this shows his intelligence and capability to grasp what might happen in the future.

-"Only plain truth shall I tell you, child." (page 1093 line 1073) Odysseus briefly explains to his son where he was and why he was gone. He must feel sympathy for what his son was going through.

-"A pity that you have more looks than heart. You'd grudge a pinch of salt from your own larder to your own handyman. You sit here, fat on other's meat, and can not bring yourself to rummage a crust of bread for me." (page 1098 line 1219) This not only shows Odysseus as an authoritative figure, but Odysseus also realizes how selfish Antonius has been in his absence.

-"You yellow dogs, you thought I'd never make it back from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder...You dared bid for my wife while I was still alive. Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule the wide heaven" (page 1108 line 1439) Internal -Odysseus refuses to agree with his men when they want to leave the island. This must have been a very difficult decision to make. "Yet I refused. I wished to see the cave man."(page 1051 line 171) PART I -"Seeing the ghost I grinned." (page 1067 line 617) This quote is somewhat self explanatory. Odysseus felt joy for what he saw. External -"destruction for my ships he had in store."(page 1063 line 513) Not only was Odysseus probably feeling anger, but his ships were about to be destroyed. That in itself is an external conflict. -"Now when I saw them there, I wept for pity (page 1065 line 582) -"Did I not keep my nerve and use my wit to find a way out for us?" (page 1073 line 770) PART II Now let's look at Part II Internal and External Conflicts! EXTERNAL TIME!! Internal -"Strange woman, the immortals of Olympus made you hard, harder than any. Who else in this world would keep all of as you do from her husband if he returned to her from years of trouble, cast on his own land in the twentieth year?" (page 1111 line 1553) -"And the man looked away, wiping a salt tear from his cheek." (page 1096 line 1180) External -"Odysseus's arrow hit him under the chin and punched up to the feathers through his throat." (page 1107 line 1419) Let's look at the Character map.... But first I would like to mention that Part I and Part II are seperated by blue lines and are labeled above. PART I PART II Key Horizontal Plot Points Plot diagram 1. Odysseus does not want to leave the island, when his men do. (page 1051 also previously cited) 3.Odysseus trusts his men during the Siren's song (page 1071 also previously cited) 2. Odysseus promises to have a burial for a soul in the Underworld (page 1067 line 610) “Unconsciously we all have a standard by which we measure other men, and if we examine closely we find that this standard is a very simple one, and is this: we admire them, we envy them, for great qualities we ourselves lack. Hero worship consists in just that. Our heroes are men who do things which we recognize, with regret, and sometimes with a secret shame, that we cannot do. We find not much in ourselves to admire, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself, there would be no heroes.”
― Mark Twain

-Odysseus is telling stories for a boat (top of page 1047)
He wants to get home.

-Odysseus' men wanted to leave the island but he says no, he has to see the cave man (bottom of page 1051) This shows us that he has bravery.

-"I drove my big hand spike deep in the embers , charring it again." (page 1056 line 323) Odysseus is a warrior and has the ability to defend himself and others, much like a hero would.

-"Sirens weaving a haunted song over the sea, we are to shun , she said, and their green shore all sweet with clover; yet she urged that I alone should listen to their son. Therefor you are to tie me up, tight as a splint,erect along the mast,lashed to the mast, and if I shout and beg to be untied, take more turns of the rope to muffle me." (page 1071 line 690)

-"Odysseus hushed them- them jerking heads and eyebrows up." (page 1060 line 424) He does not want to have them mourn the death of their comrades, when they return. Again thinking of others much like a hero would. Loving Religious Committed To Doing Justice Open to Growth Intellectually Competent 4. Odysseus manages to survive after everything that happened with Scylla and Charybdis (page 1076 line 826) 5. Odysseus gets a ship from Phaeacians after telling all of his tails to them (page 1090 line: second line) 6. Odysseus returns home and is disguised as a beggar with the help of Athena. He does this to find out who the unfaithful are. (page 1090 line fifth from the bottom in the yellow box) 8. Odysseus sees his hound, Argus and is moved on how poorly treated he was. (page 1096 line 1180) 7. Odysseus tells his son about his plan to find the unfaithful. (page 1093 line 1085) 9. Odysseus enters Penelope's challenge. (page 1103 line 1359) 10. Odysseus shoots Antonius and kills him as a result. (page 1107 line 1419) 11.Odysseus kills the unfaithful (page 1109 line 1480) 12. Odysseus is finally reunited with his wife, and she finally believes it is truly Odysseus. (page 1114 line 1622) 13. "Athena commands that peace prevail between Odysseus and the slain suitors. Odysseus has regained his family and his kingdom." (page 1114 line: last golden box at the bottom of the page) "Who dared to move my bed? No builder had the skill for that-unless a god came down to turn the trick. No mortal in his best days could budge it with a crowbar. There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed-my handiwork and no one else's!" (page 1112 line 1573) Part I Part II -"Help me Apollo." (page 1107 line 1411) -"Aided by Athena, Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and other faithful herdsmen kill all of the suitors. (page 1110 line: Yellow box at bottom of page) -"If but Athena granted what I prayed for you."
(page 1054 line 264) -"We are in pain given by great Zeus" (page 1057 line 363) -"We bore down on the ship at the seas edge and launched her on the salt immortal sea" (page 1064 line 526) "Who dared to move my bed? No builder had the skill for that-unless a god came down to turn the trick. No mortal in his best days could budge it with a crowbar. There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed-my handiwork and no one else's!" (page 1112 line 1573) Part I -"Who had not fled from death, I hushed them." (page 1060 line 424) Odysseus cared about the fact that some of his men weren't coming home and for that reason knew people would be upset. So he did the best he could to deal with that sadness for his men. -"Unhappy spirit, I promise you the barrow and the burial." (page 1067 line 609) This shows that Odysseus thought about what the unhappy spirit was going through and realized this wasn't right . Part II -"I marvel that you leave this hound to lie here in the dung pile; he would have been a fine hound from the look of him," (page 1096 line 1183) -"By the gods' will these lie all hidden in a cave." (page 1093 line 1079) -"Held back too long, the tears ran down his cheeks as he embraced his son."(page 1092 line 1034) Part I Part II "Ah, how sound that was! Yet I refused. I wished to see the cave man" (page 1051 line 171) "Then slang a man under each middle one to ride there safely, shielded left and right. " (page 1057 line 380) This shows the reader that Odysseus was thinking about others instead of just himself and wanted to make sure his men returned safely. "I marvel that you leave this hound to lie here in the dung pile; he would have been a fine hound from the look of him," (page 1096 line 1183) "Run then, while I hold them off with arrows as long as the arrows last." (page 1110 line 1512) Part I Part II -"Never could I have passed her had not the father of gods and men, this time, kept me from her eyes." (page 1082 line 986) Quick note about Open to Growth: I struggled finding quotes from the book with this category "No god. Why take me for a god? No, no. I am the father whom your boyhood lacked and suffered pain for lack of. I am he." (page 1092 line 1031) Part I "Did I not keep my nerve, and use my wits to find a way out for us us?" (page 1073 line 769) "Old shipmates, our stores are in the ship's hold, food and drink; the cattle here are not for our provision, or we pay deeply for it." (page 1076 line 837) Part II "This is not princely, to be swept away by wonder at you father's presence. No other Odysseus will ever come, for he and I are the one, the same; his bitter fortune and his wanderings are mine. Twenty years gone, and I am back again on my own island." (page 1092 line 1047) "And Odysseus takes his time, turning the bow, tapping it, every inch, for borings that termites might have made while the master of the weapon was abroad," (page 1104 line 1359) Odysseus is smart enough to know that he cant mess this opportunity up. As a result he takes his time. "There's are sign! I know no more. Could someone else's hand have sawn that trunk and dragged the frame away?" (page 1112 line 1591) "There's are sign! I know no more. Could someone else's hand have sawn that trunk and dragged the frame away?" (page 1112 line 1591) Odysseus finds ways to prove to Penelope that is truly is him. foreshadow- "great captain, a fair wind ad the honey lights of home are all yo seek. But great anguish lies ahead. The god who thunders on the land prepares it." (page 1068 line 632) Diagonal plot symbol- The dog represent what life of his island was like while Odysseus was away. vertical plot The deeper meaning of this story is all about perspective. To some people Odysseus might seem like a hero and to others in the story he might seem like the bad guy. I believe he was hero. That's my Odysseus project. I hope you enjoyed please view me in full screen
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