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career shadow

No description

matthew scott

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadow

Career Shadowing the Marines Shadow: Matt Scott
Shadowed: Sgt. Hutchinson The U.S.M.C. is here to serve the american people and to protect america. more specificly by being the first into the fray and paving the way for the Army. the Marines are not as dumb as every one thinks in order to even enlist you have to have a high school diploma. then you have to take the ASVAB which will determin what you're qualified to do. even then some jobs require more like, to become a Warrant Officer (WO),
you have to have a bachlores degree. the pay for service starts at 35,000 a year
this covers medical and dental. also all living expenses Marines HAVE to work well in teams and
learn to put aside personal diferences and deal with them at an appropriate time.
Marines like all branches have a strong sense of brotherhood with fellow Marines
with good reason because youre partners life could very well depend on you. Marines have some of the most advanced tech. available with good reason these are the men and women heading first into the fight. Some of the vehicles that the marines use or will use in the near future are the... MV- 22 Osprey a
tilt- rotor aircraft. The F-35 lightning 2 And last but definantly not least
the LAV- 25 The Marines are defenitley a future career choice along with the Army. Both of them offer the jobs i would want to do in the military which is to fly as a WO. US Army WO 1 Sgt. hutch operates one of these. Sgt. hutchinsons job is to recruit new marines.
His job actually was relativly boring which even he said it was,
but one thing that i would like is the rest that you'd get from the
frontlines.( If i was actually in the Marines.) The Marines will be here just as long as America is.
doing there duty. Just with even more advancments in technology to defend the U.S. Being a pilot is one of the many jobs a WO can do. possible Armor our marines could wear in the future
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