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Ren's Route Guide

No description

Kahrin Von Werkinger

on 26 June 2016

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Transcript of Ren's Route Guide

Ren's Route Guide!
Choice 1
Protect Ren
Choice 2
Not really
If you don't get this shortly after, you picked wrong.
(sometimes the translations fuck up)
Choice 3
Hold Ren
Choice 4
Open bag
This is normal!
This is normal too!
Yet again, normal for Ren's route
Just a tip!
Most questions while in Platinum Jail will not change the outcome except for...
This is also normal
The endings
Get flustered for bad ending 1
get angry leads to the good ending
Use the power for bad ending 1
Fight the urge leads to good end
Bad Ending 1
No energy for bad ending 1
resisting leads to good ending
Bad Ending 2
There are a list of things you must know
to get te secon bad ending, answer them wrong
Good Ending and List!
Ren is polite: yes
Ren doesn't bark: yes
I need Aoba: yes
Ren is a big dog: no
Ren is fluffy: yes
Ren is like family: yes
Ren's fur is dark blue: yes
He met Aoba 5 years ago: no
I worry about Aoba: yes
Ren is an old model: yes
Ren eats with me: no
Ren's eyes are brown: no
Clara annoys Ren: yes
Ren's paws are pink:
Ren isn't supportive: no
Ren bite's me everyday: no
His tongue is pink: yes
His collar has a star: no
Ren likes Clara: no
The questions are placed at random
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