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Wind Energy

No description

madeline humston

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Wind Energy

Wind Energy Wind Energy: power derived from wind: used to generate electricity or mechanical power. In 3200 B.C. the ancient Egyptions invented the sail. From then on, wind power has evolved with the changes in time... Wind energy is an efficient way of collecting energy,
without releasing any harmful toxins or pollutants. Wind energy is one of the most efficient ways to power not only one, but several homes in the area. Wind energy is produced through windmills. Windmills are a type of generator that converts kinetic, or motion power into electrical energy. Some pros of wind energy: Wind energy is a never ending resource

Communities that would be using wind energy wont have to wory about power failures

Wind energy doesnt involve the use of fossil fuels or non renewable resources such as gas or coal.

Farmers can use the energy for themselves, but also make money by supplying other houses with energy. Some Cons: Wind energy can be completely destroyed by severe storms and other weather

The production of energy can vary depending on weather, because wind is not always reliable

Wind Turbines have been known to be harmful to birds, causing injury or death

Wind Turbine Syndrome is a sickness that people have been known to develop, symptoms include sleep disturbance, headaches, tinnitus, nausea, visual blurring, panic attacks The cost for commercial scale cost roughly around $3.5 million dollars.

Smaller farm or residential wind turbines
cost around $5,000 to $3,000 dollars per kilowatt
of capacity. Birds and other animals are likely to be affected. Although, studies that have been taken before constuction are likely to show if the impact is a very large number or not.

Wind turbines do not release any emmisions or use any non- renewable resources. They therfore are helping the fight against Global Warming.

Wind turbines can get noisy at times, although, engineers are working on decreasing the noise that wind turbines create. Environmental Impact The social impact of wind turbines can be:

More jobs for people, because of construction, and production.

Health problems have occured in people who live near wind farms

Building wind farms will take land that could otherwise be used for different things
So why not wind power? Every green energy source has downsides
But the more we support it... and the more research we do... can improve an already great thing. Wind Power is the right choice As technology evolves, wind power will be the most reliable way to promote green living! Social Impact is a big factor to take into account. With wind turbines, more jobs could be available to produce and install them. More land will be needed for these wind farms, which means less people will be able to live in these areas. wind farms have been known to cause
migraines and other side effects which would make people move away from wind farms. So evolve with technology, and support wind energy Created by: Madeline Humston, Gianna Tommasi, Madison Lenders, and Alessandro De Martino
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