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No description

Samantha Brown

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Merchant

By: Sam B. Austen W. Will B.

Social Position of a Merchant.
Well respected
Upper Class
Many talents
Trading skills
Economic Position of a Merchant.

With a Merchant their economic positions is mostly based of how much money they gain. It also depended on if they had foreign goods like silk, because these goods were valuable.

Video game examples of Merchants. :)
What is a Merchant?
A merchant is someone who sells goods like clothes, swords, medicine, etc. There are some merchants who even build things.
Political Power of a Merchant.
Their political power was high because of the stuff they sold and what they built. They built castles, hospitals, and churches.
Socio-economic mobility of a merchant.
The merchants would build things to gain socio-economic mobility. It also depending on how many students they had.
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